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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, June 30, 2005

Interfaith dating..........baaaaaddddd

Why can't you take one of them to the

Morning announcements at the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester generally tread predictable terrain: schedule changes, meeting times, athletic events. But one item exasperated some teens last school year.

At several upcoming social events ? a coffeehouse, the Junior Ball ? upper-school students would not be permitted to bring non-Jewish dates, it was announced.

Upon hearing the policy, Karla Bertrand, a Schechter student whose father was Catholic when her parents married and whose boyfriend at the time was not Jewish, headed to the principal?s office to beg the administration to reconsider the dictate.

While the school saw the directive as a way to stave off interfaith dating, Bertrand and other students at the Hartsdale school said it encouraged creating a ?self-imposed ghetto? that could generate resentment and even stoke the flames of anti-Semitism.

?It was intended to promote Jewish continuity, but instead it insults non-Jews, it insults Solomon Schechter students, and it doesn?t reflect well on the school,? Bertrand said of the Jewish-only prom policy, which remains in place today.

Worse, she said, the decree might inadvertently prove racist
In a 2004 editorial published in the Westchester Schechter?s school newspaper, she wrote: ?[The policy] shows a lack of respect for our friends as well as for non-Jewish faculty. It is insulting that after one, two, three or even 12 years of religious education, the school doesn?t feel that it has instilled in us the values to be discerning in our choice of company. It is insulting that after nurturing such a long and close relationship with us, the administration feels morally justified in excluding our friends.?

She also argued that Judaism demands that Jews consider marit ayin, or how their actions appear to others. The policy is not intended as bigoted or derogatory, though non-Jews likely would perceive it as such, she said.

Jeffrey Jablansky, another Schechter student, rejected the notion that the school?s policy was ?segregationist? or ?exclusionist? in a newspaper editorial that ran opposite the Bertrand piece.

?Face the facts or abdicate from them: We are the next generation of Jews and we cannot afford a diluted Judaism in times of mixed marriages and anti-Semitic sentiment all over the world,? he wrote. ?How will we, the next generation of Jewish adults, make decisions rooted in Jewish faith without the proper guidance during high school??

Gilly--As a blonde, blue-eyed, HAM-and-blood-sausage-eating Jew whose family nickname among my (very dark in many cases) cousins was \"Snow White,\" you can imagine how I feel about this policy.

What a bunch of morons. My personal feeling is that if Jews DIDN\'T intermarry, we\'d be a tiny little tribe in the Jordanian dessert, and National Geographic would parachute in once a year to do \"The Old Testament Hebrews of the Bible\" photo spread around Easter.

Are they fucking kidding? Most Jewish guys I know chase non-Jewish women and the last couple of women I've dated weren't only Jewish, but Orthodox. This kind of thing is pathetic, because it doesn't work and sends a very bad message about tolerance. This is America, people date whom they choose.

posted by Steve @ 12:19:00 AM

12:19:00 AM

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