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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, June 30, 2005

The funniest thing I've read in a while

Harvard is coming to help.........NOT

This is hillarious

Army Recruiting Continues To Lag


Charles Moskos, a sociology professor and expert on military personnel issues at Northwestern University, has said the Army's recruiting woes are likely to persist until the children of upper-class America begin to enlist more readily. He also sees a possibility of the services relying more on non-Americans to sign up.

Moskos said in an interview Wednesday that of the 750 males in his graduating class at Princeton University in 1956, more than 400 went on to serve in the military. Of the 1,100 males and females in last year's Princeton class, eight joined.

"That's the difference," he said.

Professor, they joined because of the draft. They HAD NO CHOICE. Even the, the numbers were about 60 percent. I wonder if only 60 percent of New Brunswick's high school males joined the military.

Moskos, who is an expert on the draft, is apparently NOT an expert on modern American life. Because he's the guy who said the social cast of the military has been the same for 200 years, working class and poor enlisted men, led by lower middle class officers. Where do the upper class enter into this? They didn't even fight in the Civil War. They sought the Air Corps and ASTP programs in WWII. Yet, he thinks the class of Princeton is going to join the Army to be crippled in Iraq. I mean, he has to be joking or in need of medication.

We all know how the Howard Deans of the world had verifiable medical records when they entered the draft board. Not that he tried to dodge the draft, but that he had the medical records to get exempted. How many poor kids will have that option? Go to every emergency room in Brooklyn to round up their records?

This upper class aversion to military service is nothing new. When Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain enlisted in the Union Army, he had to lie to his collegues at Bowdoin College and say he was going to Europe. His actions on Little Round Top saved the Union Army at Gettysburg from being routed. Yet, his collegues wanted someone else to serve.

Moskos must live in an alternate reality where military service is somehow encouraged by the upper classes and their sons vie for West Point slots. He knows the history of the Army. He knows the number of rich cadets can be summed up as Robert E. Lee and George Patton. So why in the fuck, shy of a draft, does he think the canned veal kids of Princeton are going to be serving in the US Army this century?

Moskos also believes in national service where recruits can be trained to be MP's or infantry.

And exactly who wants their kids drafted? They are threatening to kill recruiters. I mean, Americans have accepted that shopping and chickenhawking is the same as fighting in Iraq. They dispose of their duties with a metal ribbon of support the troops. Not raise taxes to pay for the war, not enlist, but "support the troops"

Immigrants? From where? A place without newspapers? Those car bombs are just as loud on Mexican TV as they are in the US. Maybe we can have a general amnesty and induct MS 13 members into the Army. With their gang training and firearms handling, that should work out.

The Army already has a lot of green card soldiers and has since the 1950's. Don't think some parent in Manila wants their kid to die in Iraq for a green card any more than the Valdez family wanted their daughter to die in Iraq. In fact, the war is extremely unpopular in most of the target countries for such recruitment. What? Only Americans have newspapers? You want more soldiers, stop fighting in Iraq.

posted by Steve @ 11:21:00 AM

11:21:00 AM

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