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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Army Group Steiner

How many doors? How many patrols? Will this ever end?

In Hitler's bunker, he repeatedly said that Army Group Steiner would rescue Berlin. The fact that Army Group Steiner was a ramshackle group of units and unable to save itself was of no concern to Hitler. In his mind, Army Group Steiner was the solution to the desperate straits of the German Army.

Just as the cowards at Powerline and in the Congress embrace torture, Duncan Hunter's shameful performance last week is among the lowlights in American political history, Theresienstadt-like political theater. When you have old line spooks like Larry Johnson decry torture, they are scared for the US, and people like him, Pat Lang, Tony Cordesman and Ray McGovern are no liberal academics. When Bill Lind rants weekly about the destruction of the US Army, he's no member of Greenpeace. These are all mainstream cconservatives who are deeply afraid of what Bush is doing in Iraq.

Now, the GOP would rather debate Dick Durbin's logical argument that we are slipping down into totalitarian practices, alienating our allies, instead of facing that reality.

A quick look at the WaPo in the last week or so would show the unravelling of Bush's war. Parents are facing off with recruiters and winning. The Iraqis refuse to fight. The Kurds provoke the Turks, Gitmo is now a recruiting tool for our enemies and decried by our allies. Pirates boarded an oil tanker.

So what dos Dick Cheney say? The insurgency is in it's last throes. And Army Group Steiner has stopped the Russians.

We are reaching a crisis point in Iraq. And Bush keeps pretending it isn't happening.

In the 1960's, they had a slogan: "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

Well, in Iraq, by next year, they will have an army with no one joining.

People justifying torture simply have no clue. It doesn't work and it makes enemies. It really is that simple.

The Iraqi government is a sad joke. The guerrillas grow stronger by the day, more aggressive, more capable and the US grows weaker.

When an old GOP stalwart like Walter Jones wants to know how we get out of Iraq, this charade is ending.

I knew the Downing Street Memos would be turned into fodder for Beltway jokes, and Dana Milbank of WaPo proved me right. Of course, I wouldn't want to have read his mailbox the next day. But the chattering classes in Washington think Iraq isn't so bad, when it is as bad, if not worse, than Vietnam 1966-67. Shelling every day, limited movement, guerrillas diddy bopping into cities and posing for the cameras and laughing at US troops.

Even worse, Leslie Gelb, having just come back from Iraq, says the new Iraqi Army is being trained for conventional warfare. He says for a future war with Iran, but since that's crazy, I would say this: the US Army is training those Iraqi divisions as clones. They are training them as they know how, to fight the Group of Soviet Forces Germany, not a guerrilla movement. The Iranian Army already has so many spies in their rank, the daily armaments stores are reported to Tehran. If they tried to move east, it would make 1980 look like a blitzkrieg.

After Chalabi fired the Iraqi Army for spite (Viceroy Jerry was following Doug Feith's orders), where do you think their platoon and company commanders went? Into the US Auxillaries? Not fucking likely. The Iraqi resistance has pulled off way too many attacks which require training for that to be the case. These guerrillas have an unusual grasp of tactics. They know how to lay ambushes, how to keep US forces off their backs and have neutralized tactical movement by helicopter, which is a tremendous advantage. A lot more guerrillas would be jailed if they were vertically enveloped by US force. But the RPG prevents that.

The guerrillas are working up to something. One day, they are going to use the weakspot they have found and exploit it. They can kill Iraqis at will. One day, they will do the same to westerners and Army Group Steiner will be shown to be what it is, a shell.

As long as Bush pretends Iraq is OK, it will only get worse.

posted by Steve @ 3:02:00 PM

3:02:00 PM

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