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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lying cocksuckers

They hate us

Media's lack of diversity is the enemy

It's official. Conservatives no longer have a monopoly on complaints about a liberal media bias. In the wake of Newsweek's bungled report that U.S. military interrogators "flushed a Koran down a toilet," here is Terry Moran, ABC's White House reporter, in an interview with radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt: "There is, I agree with you, a deep anti-military bias in the media ..."

In all my years in journalism, I don't think I have met more than one or two reporters who have ever served in the military or who even had a friend in the armed forces. Most media hiring today is from universities, where a military career is regarded as bizarre and almost any exercise of American power is considered wrongheaded or evil.

Instead of trampling Newsweek - the magazine made a mistake and corrected it quickly and honestly - the focus ought to be on whether the news media are predisposed to make certain kinds of mistakes and, if so, what to do about it. The disdain that so many reporters have for the military (or for police, the FBI, conservative Christians, or right-to-lifers) frames the way errors and bogus stories tend to occur. The anti-military mentality makes atrocity stories easier to publish, even when they are untrue.

Terry Moran sits in Washington every day while his collegues run around and risk getting killed by the Iraqi resistance and US Army. And the Army shooting you is a lot better than having your head chopped off. Which is a daily risk. Daily as in when you wake up in the morning, going to bed at night is a gift. A Washington Post reporter left an Amtrac minutes before four Marines were killed and 10 wounded. The last time I remember Moran talking, he was shitting his pants about the Washington sniper a couple of years ago. I think it's a gross insult to say reporters have a bias against the US military.

Now, by repeating this lie, elicited by the cockgobbler Hewitt, Moran shgould rightfully be shunned by he collegues.

Leo must be uncurious, because the newspaper business has a number of vets working for it. About the same as any other industry, and a lot less than GOP Hill Rats.

And unfortunately for John Leo, Newsweek got the sourcing wrong, the allegations have been in print for over a year. But it is not "untrue".

And his absolutely ridiculous lie that a military career is regarded as "bizarre" a fucking crock of shit. The Ivys are bringing back ROTC for God's sake. I think it's safe to say that colleges are filled with vets, people who served in the military to go to college. I knew several in school and after. So I don't know what the fuck Leo is blathering about.

But let's get on to another point: this bullshit about an anti-military bias. Moran can prove he's not a chickenshit by going to Iraq, where snipers grow on trees and they train them over the internet. But when I watch the news, I don't see any bias against soldiers, any stories about rape and checkpoint shootings, anything which widely deviates from the idea that Americans are decent people, even when some of that is bullshit. There are a couple of incidents where US soldiers were filmed shooting the unarmed, but nothing happened.

And it was the same during Vietnam. The problem was that people saw the killing, not that US troops were unhinged animals, killing and raping like the French did. But the actual reports were usually interviews with soldiers and more positive than negative. When I sat down to watch CBS's documentary on Vietnam, I was stunned that it was so positive and pro-military. Soldiers were a lot more anti-military than the press. The problem was showing the truth.

The idea that the chickenhawks have to hide behind is that someone is lying about Iraq and Afghanistan and they aren't. The truth is ugly, but cowards like Moran and Leo, people who sit at desk and smear the incredibly hard and brave work of their peers should be regarded as uncutuous liars and scoundrels.

I would argue that the US press has bent over backwards to protect the military from their failures. The only good part is when the press reports on the abuse of soldiers, but no one could think getting a kid a place to live after nearly dying in Iraq is anti-military. Unless you're a member of the Beltway Kool Kids Klub.

posted by Steve @ 12:00:00 PM

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