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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lunatic chains wife in basement, lets leopards run free

Not a housepet

Dix Hills man held in wife-beating, keeping leopards
By Keiko Morris and Christine Armario Staff Writers

May 31, 2005

Anastasia Barone remembered the thick padlocked chain around her neck, her husband's steel-toed boot striking her over and over in the face, and then the dizziness that overcame her as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness on the tile floor of her Dix Hills basement.

For nearly six hours, Barone's husband, Anthony, kept her bound to the bottom of a spiral staircase with an inch-thick, padlocked chain, as their 8-year-old son tried to help his mother, she said. In the next room, separated only by unlocked, wooden sliding doors, were two 50-pound leopard cubs her husband had bought about six months ago.
Suffolk County SPCA officers and Huntington animal control agents removed the animals from the feces-filled, windowless, basement room, with inadequate ventilation, said Roy Gross, chief of Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Gross said the leopards are listed as endangered and that a new state law bans keeping such wild animals as pets.

At full size, the male leopard could grow between 80 and 150 pounds and the female between 60 and 100 pounds, Gross said. They are capable of taking down other animals twice their size, he added.

"These animals are very capable of injuring and killing someone," Gross said. ". . . They are not to be domesticated, and Siegfried and Roy is a perfect example of that."

Anthony Barone is believed to have purchased the animals from someone in Manhattan and was in the process of buying two black leopards, Gross said.


This moron wanted four wild, endangered animals in his home? Bad enough he beat his wife stupid, but those cats could have killed his family when they reached full-size.
I mean, he's as bad as the guy who kept a tiger in his project apartment, having no clue as to how dangerous that is.

posted by Steve @ 11:12:00 AM

11:12:00 AM

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