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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, May 29, 2005

It was only a school prank

I owe my success to
greedy, indifferent



May 28, 2005 -- The 18-year-old son of one of the city's most high-powered commercial real-estate brokers was charged in Manhattan yesterday with running a lucrative bogus-driver's-license ring — out of his father's Murray Hill three-bedroom.
"Someone should teach him a lesson," he snarled into the phone at lunchtime, as he noted his son would have to spend "five, six more hours" in custody before bail could be posted.
The father politely declined to talk to reporters, then turned angrily to his son's defense lawyer, Theodore Goldbergh.
"Do they really have to print something about this?" he complained. When the lawyer shrugged, Mendelson railed, "I'm going to call Mort Zuckerman's office!" and started dialing away.
Mendelson is the retail-leasing agent for a number of properties owned by Mort Zuckerman, the chairman and publisher of the Daily News.
Manhattan prosecutors say Matthew and four of his buddies charged $150 to $200 a pop for fake New York state driver's licenses — and made additional money selling the computer programs needed to create the forgeries for $6,000.
Matthew personally sold four licenses to an undercover cop May 21 — collecting $600, Rosen said.
Matthew completed the sale despite being told by the undercover that the licenses were for illegal aliens, the prosecutor said.

Fuck this little asshole and his father. He's lucky he's not in federal court facing Patriot Act charges. I know these little shits wanted to go drinking on the Upper East Side like all their Prep School buddies, but when he was asked to sell to illegal aliens, he just took the money like a low-rent skell.

This kid needed $600 like I need to gain weight.

Conscienceless little fuck.

Why am I pissed? Remember our friend Mohammad Atta? Well, he had nice fake papers. So do a bunch of criminals from tree-jumping rapists to AQ members. And it's greedy bastards like young Matthew Mendelson who are selling them the papers.

And what does daddy do? He runs to call his buddy Mort Zuckerman to keep his skell son's name out of the papers. Not even caring that his son is a greedy little fuck who would allegedly do anything for a fast buck. After all, this might hurt his Ivy admission chances. I mean, the world would be a poorer place with out Matthew getting an Ivy degree. We can't be deprived of his intellect.

I'm sure daddy's high powered lawyer and high powered friends will find a way to make this all disappear, while a working class kid would be facing real time for this.

My bar owning friends see these fakes all the time. Most don't get through. So it's pretty much a waste of cash. I mean, he doesn't need a fake driver's licence for a job washing dishes or anything like that. He just wanted to show off. I hope that impresses the judge.

I'm no fan of the Patriot Act, but it would cause me no loss of sleep if this wound up in the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. After all, 9/11 changed everything.

posted by Steve @ 10:44:00 AM

10:44:00 AM

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