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Comments by YACCS
Friday, May 20, 2005

In service to the Republican Party

This is the armband that Russians helping the German Army wore. Being caught with one was a death sentence. However, the Germans viewed these unlucky people as expendible as well.

During the German invasion, thousands of Soviet soldiers were surrendering or deserting their post. By August 1941, there were closed to half a million Soviet prisoners of war. Because of the sheer quantity of prisoners taken, the Germans had placed them in temporary internment camps.

The internment camps were unsafe since hundreds of thousands of Soviets prisoners were dying from starvation and disease. Many of the Russian prisoners volunteered for German military service. The Germans took this needed manpower, since casualties were amounting on the Eastern Front. The German Army used these volunteers as auxiliaries called "Hilfsfreiwillige."

The Russian prisoners who volunteered were used for such duties as laborers, cooks, interpreters, guards, etc.

Then unless they were lucky, shot, either by the Germans who had no room for them and tired of feeding them, or pissed off Red Army troops or partisans. A sad fate in a desperate time.

When I read Kevin Drum's latest missive, this came to mind.

Because there seems to be a group of people who think that they can cooperate with the opposition and get away with some kind of deal.

I don't mind politicians looking to cut a deal, well, because that's their job. But when I read the missives of Amy Sullivan and Kevin Drum, they say nice, moderate things about insane, immoderate people.

They say they're Democrats, they say they endorse the party, but then they want to talk to people who want to destroy it.

I don't want to have a discussion on values with the fundies, I want to prevent them from imposing their values on me. I don't want to coddle newspapers who are not my friend, but challenge them.

These people are not interested in a discussion, they want to win, they want to win and destroy everything we value in the process. It is not my fault the GOP invited them into the tent. However, it's their tent and when we're talking to people who believe the Grand Canyon is 6,000 years old, we're not able to have a rational discussion. Neither are they, as they will find out this week, either in losing the fillibuster fight or watching Senate business crawl to a halt.

There were people who wanted to actually bend to this debate. I mean, come on, these folks are not going to bend. They're fighting the Jews, er, the "cultural elite" because they want to bring God's Dominion on the earth, screw the constitution, the law and everything else. I mean, if you think you can talk to these maniacs, you might as well get an armband, with a gold cross and an elephant on it which says "In service to the Republican Party". Because you're little better than a Hiwi, helping these people ruin this country and thinking you can save your neck in the process.

When these people come back to their senses, and stop waving Jesus like this is Jerusalem 1189, then we can talk. But until then, we better act like Saladin and see these Crusaders in $500 shoes as what they are, deranged lunatics trying to impose their will on us. This is not about values, but imposing a theocracy.

Fundies have always been a part of American life. Always will be. But usually, they don't get much power. A craven GOP let them, and now we either stop them or regret it.

So stop talking to me about compromise. There is none to be had with these people. They see us as evil and want to destroy us. Simple as that. Either get an armband and go help the GOP with "compromise" or fight for what you're supposed to believe in.

posted by Steve @ 12:54:00 AM

12:54:00 AM

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