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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Dobson threat

Sorry I failed master
That's OK, we'll make America Christian another day

Ok folks, I know some of you are disappointed that the Dems made a deal, but you're missing the point.

First, all the deal does is allow for a vote, not a guaranteed confirmation.

Second, with 45 Senators, you can only do so much. Any deal is a good deal under those circumstances.

But that's not why we won this.

This stopped James Dobson.

A lot of you are glossing over the point about how dangerous this man is to the Republic. He's a theocrat and a dominionist. He wants to deny basic religious rights to anyone who isn't a Christian, and the craven lust for power of Bill Frist has allowed this man unprecidented access to the levers of government.

Anyone who has any question about what he has planned just need to google the words Air Force Academy and religion. There, a clique of fundamentalists insult jews and openly tries to convert others. The AFA is spitting distance from Focus on the Family headquarters. And despite the evidence of this open religious bigotry, the fundies on the AFA staff fired the chaplain who complained, sending her off to Okinawa or some such place.

Idiots like Janice Rogers Brown, if confirmed, will embarass themselves on the court with their insane rulings, kind of like the pathetic mess Clarence Thomas is.

But if Jim Dobson can pick judges, the Handmaid's Tale comes a month closer. For those who don't remember, the Handmaid's Tail is a story about a future Christian America where women are severely rerpressed. When it was published and then the movie came out, it was seen as slightly ridiculous sicence fiction. It's not so silly now, because we have Senators who want an America just like that.

Dobson is the most dangerous man in America today. He has money, followers and access to the White House and Congress. And he is an absolute idiot. He understands nothing about America which is complex or subtle. 24 would confuse him, Desperate Housewives would be slander, Queer as Folk, gay propaganda. His vision of Ameica would be foriegn to most of us.

So when I see that his handpuppet Frist is humiliated in public, forgive me if I don't care if the price is a couple of wingnut judges. Stopping Dobson is far more critical.

Dobson and his allies spent millions to support Frist and his plan to end the fillibuster. They had that near treasonous Just-Us Sunday, an event Frist should have kept clear of by miles and didn't. Even his own caucus was shocked that he patricipated in such an anti-democratic event.

Forget the judges, even the SCOTUS, Dobson's plans go way beyond that. He doesn't want to just control judges. He wants to be the kingmaker of the GOP. He doesn't just want conservative judges and legislators, he wants dominionist judges and legislators. He wants to make his endorsement critical for election. It's that simple. He wants to be able to punish moderates and run slates of candidates loyal to him.

Look, everyone want the Dems to get the big victory, but that is seeing the trees for the forest. The thing I want to see is James Dobson stopped before he starts dictating what's on TV and what women can do with their bodies. This man is an absolute maniac and his lust for power dangerous.

What happened last night is that the GOP moderates woke from their two-month slumber and realized that Dobson was going to destroy their institution for his political gain. He doesn't care about Congress, and he doesn't have to live there.

You can argue the point about the Dems tactics. All I care about is one result, weakening James Dobson. All else is irrelevant.

posted by Steve @ 10:08:00 AM

10:08:00 AM

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