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Saturday, April 30, 2005

3 Year old goes to movies, alone

This kid is a freaking genius


April 29, 2005 -- A day after 3-year-old Clarence Ricky Davis Jr., sneaked out of his Queens home and hopped a bus by himself to a movie theater, the tyke went to the pictures again yesterday — this time with his family and The Post.

It was our treat.

The pint-size nomad also got the good news that his dad — arrested the previous night for allowing little Ricky to wander off — had been released with no charges filed.

The "sequel" to Ricky's adventure began yesterday with breakfast at IHOP before the family headed to see "Robots" at the Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas, the destination of Wednesday's solo sojourn.

"It's this way!" shouted the exuberant boy, pointing the way.

"We're there!" he shouted gleefully when he got to the theater.

But the roaming rug rat kept mainly silent during the flick, preferring to munch popcorn and slurp soda, cackling joyfully throughout the 91-minute film — even though he'd already seen portions of it during his solo trip out.

Ricky's mother, Sherrie Williams, obviously relieved to have him back, barely let the boy out of her sight all day.

And the AWOL tyke nodded shamefacedly when his mother asked, "So you're not going to go anywhere without Mommy anymore, right?"

The wandering whippersnapper frightened his family and amazed investigators Wednesday when he slipped out of his Springfield Gardens home — wearing a suit jacket, no less — took the Q5 bus 31/2 miles to Jamaica and slipped into the theater by tagging along with another family.

Theater staff notified police after the mystified mother of that family told them the boy didn't belong to her.

He said he'd installed a new lock on the front door — high above the reach of a 3-year-old — and another on the rear door.

posted by Steve @ 12:41:00 AM

12:41:00 AM

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