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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Get the chickens

You gotta be fucking kidding me

Anger at Bushes as time grows short for Schiavo
By Larry Copeland, USA TODAY
PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — A week ago, the demonstrators outside Terri Schiavo's hospice were mostly calm. They prayed, sang hymns and awaited word from protest organizers about legal developments in the case, hoping their presence might help save the brain-damaged woman.

By Sunday, after nine days of legal defeats for Schiavo's parents in their effort to have her feeding tube reattached, much of the optimism was gone. Last week's unity among the demonstrators had splintered, and an undercurrent of anger ran through them.

Their ire was directed at Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband, who successfully petitioned the courts to have her feeding tube removed; at state judge George Greer, who has ruled consistently in his favor; and increasingly, at President Bush and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"If Gov. Bush wants to be the man that his brother is, he needs to step up to the plate like President Bush did when the United Nations told him not to go into Iraq," Randall Terry, a protest organizer, said of the governor. "Be a man. Put politics aside."

Sharon Mull, who drove here from St. Augustine, said she had written three letters to the governor in the past few days. "It seems like he could have intervened more," she said. "At this point, it's getting too late to help this woman. She's being tortured. She's being murdered."

Last Monday, President Bush signed an emergency bill from Congress enabling Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, to have federal courts hear their appeal to restore her feeding tube. Gov. Bush asked state courts for permission to take custody of Schiavo. But the Schindlers have been turned down by every court, and the president and the governor have said they can do no more.

Among the messages on protest signs Sunday: "Barbara Bush: Are you proud of your sons now?" "Stop the American Holocaust!" "Send in the National Guard!"

And that's gone so well, Randall.

This is an American freakshow gone haywire. When Jesse Jackson called the black members of the Florida Legislature to take the Schindler's side, they politely hung up on his ass. Is he that desperate for the spotlight? I guess the answer is yes. Sun Hudson died without a word from Jackson.

They had to stungun a guy who rushed the hospice today.

This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it.

Be a man. What the fuck is he talking about, be a man. This piece of shit who torments pregnant teenagers. Who abandoned his own family. Be a man is advice that he never fucking followed.

You know, freaks usually keep out of sunlight. They work best in the dark, slinking along. But this Schiavo case just blew up into this freakshow, some mad contest to the bottom of the rule of law, with no one able or willing to put the brakes on. Jeb cowering, George prentending he didn't unleash the loonies, Randall Terry acting like a Serbian paramilitary, but with only one rapist by his side. When the fuck did medical decisions become tests of machismo?

And what fanatsy world do these people live in? Jesus isn't going to lead the PSTD ridden Florida National Guard in some kind of kidnappimg. What the fuck do they think this is, Die Hard 5, the fundies strike back? What do they think is going to happen? Sam Jackson and Bruce Willis are going to save the day with a helo and some smoke bombs?

And none of these fuckers seem to consider what would happen if they actually got poor sainted Terri? Well, the odds are they would kill her. Yeah. Kill her dead.

Reality left the room long, long ago. The idea that Terri Schiavo can speak is so bizarre as to be funny, if there weren't people charging the doors of the hospice. When does the gun nut who won't stick up a gun store, just walk in and buy weapons instead show up. I'm surprised that someone hasn't said Jesus told them to shoot the cops and rescue Terri, because things are just that crazy. You can't keep screaming murder and then expect everyone to go "oh well, she's gonna be murdered", like she was a nigger on death row. Someone is going to act. These sick fuckers are even calling in bomb threats.

And when they do, I hope someone tries to sue the Schindler's back in time. They did this, they created this circus, robbed their daughter of dignity, robbed the other dying of dignity, tortured the innocent, placed Michael Schiavo kids in mortal danger, and didn't thank anyone for anything. Hell, they sold the begging list to all comers. They allied with people who consort with terrorists. Remember Paul Hill? Walked right up to a doctor and shotgunned him to death. Guess who he ran with? Terry and Mahoney. In just a little digging, we found out one protestor was a convicted rapist and another was an admitted torturer and anti-muslim bigot. If you did a background check, you'd have more people who had been in the system than a Liberty City street corner.

The thing about a mob is that it is not controllable. Once you unleash them, they can do anything they choose, like riot.

It is amazing what people will do to get what they want. The fact that their daughter was so bulemic that she had a heart attack and died is so obvious and so directly attributable to her control freak mother that they call out the circus to hide this. But while it will diminish, the freak show is far from over. There are the dueling books, the tours on Christian radio and TV, the lawsuits, in short, this mess will linger on, our only hope is that it stays around long enough to bite their sponsors right in the ass.

posted by Steve @ 5:18:00 PM

5:18:00 PM

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