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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, March 17, 2005

Crazy Nancy's TV Show



Nancy Grace. The tools she'd like to use

CNN, in a desperate attempt for ratings, has given former Fulton County prosecutor Nancy Grace an hourlong show on Headline News. Did they give the beautiful and sane Rudi Bahktiar a show? No, they move her to CNN after years of overnight purgatory. But they give the Fulton County avenging angel her own show which is so unhinged that it is marvelous, high freakish comedy.

Grace's story is tragic, in that her fiance was murdered, and that drove her to become a prosecutor, where allegations of her lack of ethics surfaced. Anyway, with her blonde hair and desire to smite any criminals, regardless of actual guilt, drove her to Larry King, then Court TV, now Headline News.

If you called Grace a crazy bitch, that would be an insult to crazy bitches everywhere. No, she's Judge Roy Bean with tits. I mean, if she could hire some Custer Battle types, she'd have given Scott Peterson the drumhead courtmartial and execution he so richly deserved. I mean, she would drag him out of the court room and shoot him on the courthouse steps, and toss his lawyer, Mark Geragos, a beating for defending him as well.

In Grace's world, guilty as charged isn't a conclusion, but preordained. Defendents are people waiting to go top jail or worse.

She nearly threw a tantrum because California doesn't kill enough people. She said that "the 9th Circuit is a roadblock. After all most of the convicted don't even have a lawyer for their appeal" As if California was somehow deficient for not having Texas level death penalties. After that unhinged rant, her head crooked in some odd way, she went on to berate the Peterson family for leaving before their son was sentenced to death "What kind of parenting is that," she shrieked

She also seemed to relish the point that Laci Peterson's brother was going to kill Scott Peterson and then changed his mind. You could see her thinking "you fucking pussy, I'd have not only shot his ass, but cut his balls off".

Of course this madness was butressed by defense lawyers. For some insane reason, she kept goading one of her guests, asking him if he was going to appear on Mark Geragos's new reality show. "Would you go on his show?" she kept taunting. The poor guy said no, but she seemed to think it would be like WWII vets doing a show with David Irving. I mean, it is scary to think this woman tried cases. Defendents in her case, are the future guilty. Innocence is
reserved for victims. The accused have no rights.

The problem with a show like this is that it is so crazy, so unhinged, that whatever value it might have is stripped away by the insane biases of Grace. I mean, it's like a video lynch mob. I've never seen anything like it. As TV it has the same compulsion any freak show does.

The difference between her show and America's Most Wanted is vast. AMW deals mostly with people wanted by the Marshall's Service and FBI and their goal is to get them into custody for trial. So while John Walsh is calling for people to turn in criminals, the lynch mob aspect is missing.

Beth Karras, another former prosecutor, tells Grace the prosecution blew it in the Robert Blake case. Grace sneers at him for not testifying, something few defendents do. She sounds pissed that he isn't gonna die in jail. Which is crazy. The case had major holes in it. But in Grace's lynch mob world, the only good verdict is a guilty verdict.

No matter the law, the guilty must be punished, no matter what.

You get the feeling that she would like to kill these people. Actually hunt them down and hang them high.

There is the comic air of the unhinged with every conmment she makes. Biased? Hanging judges were fairer.

The comic factor comes from the insane lack of balance. She cares so deeply, so intensely about cases she watches on TV, she seems like Dr. Strangelove's General Ripper. Just that crazy. I bet she's saving her precious bodily fluids.

I can't believe this lunacy is on TV. But the fact of seeing the crazy rant IS funny. I mean she goes as close as she can to call Robert Blake a murderer, which he isn't. It's like the best of the Daily Show crew, Doug Kenney and Michael O'Donoghue all in one package, but done for real. Lampoon at their height, Spy at it's height, could not have done this thing. Grace plays it straight, but the effect is pure comic madness.

Catch this freakshow while you can. If she isn't sued, CNN won't let something this unhinged, so close to the edge as this stay on.

posted by Steve @ 1:16:00 AM

1:16:00 AM

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