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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Rich Man's hustle

West Side Railyards. No stadium, no Olympics, fine by me and most of New York


I love the smiley-face version of New York City the NYC2012 people showed the International Olympic Committee this week, one that was supposed to look like outtakes from "When Harry Met Sally."

No traffic problems.

No difference of opinion over things like the Summer Olympics.

And the idea that you can order up a new stadium on-demand, like it's a Pay-Per-View movie on cable.

Of course the idea of diversity in a dog-and-pony show like that is a speech from Whoopi Goldberg, who clearly needs more to do.

This all goes on while your governor and Mayor Bloomberg and the hustler Doctoroff still want you to believe that a West Side Stadium for the Jets - which is all they're going to end up with when the 2012 Games go to Paris - is somehow joined at the hip with expansion of the Javits Center the way Bloomberg and Doctoroff have become joined at the hip on this thing.

Of all the places in town the IOC people toured this week, the most fitting was Bloomberg's apartment, actually.

One more room of rich guys, trying to decide the future of New York.

Finally, some realistic commentary on this idiotic Olympic bid and that godwaful stadium. Notice the street next to the railyards. It feeds into the Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel. Anyone who's ever been to the Meadowlands after a game knows what the words traffic congestion means. And Bloomberg wants to make it worse by having the Garden move west. Traffic planning is a reality, not notional.

posted by Steve @ 12:36:00 AM

12:36:00 AM

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