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Monday, February 14, 2005

The News Blog goes to Chinatown

The emperor


more dragon

yet another daughter

a sign in cantonese which we cannot read

Jen and I went to Chinese New Years celebrations yesterday.

Jen likes to drag innocent people, boyfriends, friends, strangers to this every year. This is the first year she's dragged me to this, but I doubt it will be the last. Drag should not imply unwillingness or reluctance. I was a lot less reluctant than she was to watch football or meet my friend Frank. Drag, in this case, would be more like the physical act of pulling me through crowds.

Anyway, we met at the playground north of the new federal court building and walked right up to Mott. Now, Jen used to go to Chinatown all the time when she lived in Brooklyn Heights. I used to go there when I was at NYU. You are familiar with Wo Hop, right? Milk and Cheese?

Well, anyway, it was pretty crowded. Now the crowd consisted of locals looking at their kids, people who like Chinatown, and people who had either adopted Asian cildren or were dating/married to Asians. Now, if you you looked around, it kind of makes people's ideas on race rather silly. Because if you paid attention, you would have seen kids acting like kids. Asian kids, white kids, black kids, they all acted remarkably the same, running around and throwing snaps and firing confetti into the air. Even the parade were mixed with various kids from the area. This was still an ethnic parade, but in a very New York way.

After a while, Jen, who is a sleepyhead and who's breakfast consisted of coffee, wanted dumplings from this dumpling shop, a small hole in the wall, but the line was long. It wasn't bad.

We then walked over to East Broadway,they had a Dragon dance. Jen was hungry, so we went to the nearest restaurant, a seafood place. When eating in Chinatown, most of the tourist places are on Mott, while the places the locals eat are on East Broadway or Bowery.

So we go into this seafood restaurant and the service was slow. Which was good. Because it meant they cooked the food fresh.

Of course, eating with Jen is an adventure. She'dbeen with people who were, well, not adventurous, so in the interest of harmony and curiousity, we had chicken and frogs legs, as well as shrimps and peanuts in garlic sauce. To be honest, I couldn't tell the difference between the frog and the chicken.

But I let Jen take the leftovers home. After all, the frog was her idea.

As we walked around Chinatown, we plotted a seafood meal, because it took supreme effort for Jen not to bring home prawns or a lobster.

We went to PearlPaint for me to pick up some airbrush supplies. Where Jen noticed that you could airbrush on henna designs which I agreed to do. Of was course, it was actually nice to be with someone who didn't bitch about me building models or was bored by it.

Of course, afterwards, I went to Boston Market, forgetting that it gives me the runs. Had to bring dinner home. Never again.

posted by Steve @ 4:01:00 PM

4:01:00 PM

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