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Monday, February 28, 2005

Manwhore defense

Doug Schmitz's journalism school

The White House press clubhouse: No conservatives allowed
By Doug Schmitz
Feb 26, 2005

When MSNBC’s rabidly leftist pit bull Keith Olbermann isn’t obsessing over the phony sexual harassment charges that a CNN mole maliciously leveled against Bill O’Reilly; smearing the Swift Boat Vets; or sticking up for suspected terrorists at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, he always manages to make up a new anti-Bush diatribe to run on his actual fake news show, which mostly involves creating wildly leftist conspiracy theories that are further exaggerated by his pro-Democrat-only guests with their own leftist agendas.

So which victim is Olbermann stalking now? He’s a pro-Bush conservative and former White House reporter who’s being tarred and feathered by pro-Democrat media leftists bent on destroying his personal life because he dared to commit the ultimate press corps sin: Actually doing his job as a reporter by asking tough questions about the very Democrats that Olbermann and his leftist colleagues give free passes to on a daily basis.

Never mind that Olbermann has ignored the real media scandals: The Bush-hating “search and destroy” mission of Dan Rather’s fake memos; the ongoing treason of CNN and its former “news” chief Eason Jordan, whose network parroted Saddam Hussein’s propaganda for 12 years, while refusing to expose Uday Hussein’s assassination plot against two brothers in-law – which Jordan knew about – that was later carried out; and the government-subsidized, neo-Marxist rants of NOW-retired Bill Moyers, whose leftist sidekick, David Brancaccio, continues espousing the so-called “evils” of the Bush administration, conservative judges and Sean Hannity, whose broadcast Moyers brazenly called “a freak show of political pornography” in his final taxpayer-funded rant last fall.

As Olbermann ( ignores Rathergate ( and Easongate (, he milks his nonstop segment, “Gannongate.”

While Olbermann has launched endless witch-hunts of conservative columnists Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher and Michael McManus, his newest obsession is former Talon News reporter Jeff Gannon (a.k.a, James Guckert, but who will be referred to here by his professional name “Gannon”). Gannon was a genuine newsman who Olbermann and other schadenfreudians (as Rush calls them), who have taken extreme pleasure in singling out Gannon for personal destruction simply because he’s a conservative Republican.

Doug Schmitz, who holds a master’s degree in journalism, is a conservative columnist and regularly contributes to, and has been a frequent guest columnist for Accuracy in Media (, a watchdog group for the liberal media.

Witch hunts? And this from a person who claimed to have a journalism degree? From where? Kremlin U?

My god this guy is an idiot.


Does this man know he's defending a gay protstitute?

Guckert wasn't found out because he dated men, hell, he's hardly the only gay reporter at the White House, it was because he solicited those dates online and charged for them. This is his PUBLIC, ONLINE life.

The fact was that Guckert smeared people, not doing any reporting, by the way, and WAS A MANWHORE.

Now, maybe at Kremlin U, being sold to the highest bidder isn't a big deal, but "journalists" don't take money from the government.

If I was a conservative, I would land on Guckert with both feet, because this is going to blow up. Guckert is too stupid to avoid a court and keep his mouth shut. One day, someone is going to link him and his patrons and there's going to be a big old homos in the White House scandal.

The problem with the closet is that when the door opens up, all kind of things come to light.

Uh, Doug, Guckert's "professional" name was his MANWHORE name. Journalists use their real name because it's about credibility. But I guess if you're a conservative, credibility is a figment of the imagination. Just like the truth.

I'm not in the business of giving the opposition advice, I don't read them unless I have to and I could give a fuck about their opinions. But this blind loyalty has a familiar ring.

See, the communists used to demand this kind of blind loyalty. Whatever Stalin did was for the greater level of the Soviet Union and world revolution. Well, comes the Russo-German pact of 1939, and the commies have a choice, stay with the party or walk away over an act of conscience. The CPUSA, which had been the heart of the left's activists, died in August 1939. By the time HUAC and McCarthy came around, they were kicking the ashes in an already extinguished fire.

Loyalty has a limit. Sticking up for Manwhore Guckert is suicidal. More is going to come out about him, because he's stupid and greedy. And then the social conservatives will rise up and attack the fiscal conservatives, waving the manwhore around as a sign of their weakness.

Of course, we're dedicated to helping that along, anyway we can, but if I were a conservative, I'd toss Guckert out to the wolves.

posted by Steve @ 12:33:00 AM

12:33:00 AM

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