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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, February 12, 2005

Enough of this nonsense

PETA in action: setting liberalism back 20 years.

It's funny that the Gannon thing became about his personal life and "did left bloggers go too far"? If I was a right wing blogger, I could defend the internment of the Japanese, sell racist t-shirts, call for the murder of UN officials and no one will ever ask if I went too far. See, there's a double standard here: anything the little racists say is cool. Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowry can run the upscale race and reason rag known as the NRO and no one will ask if they go too far.

Goldberg can bet on human life like a Gulag comissar and it's cool. He can denigrate a successful professor at one of the nation's best schools and be shocked when he is humiliated. And idiots like Brian Williams, who grew up in the "small town world" of suburban New Jersey and admit he likes the racist Rush Limbaugh and it's all cool. If Soledad O'Brien said her childhood hero was Eldrige Cleaver and her favorite book Soul on Ice, she would take a ton of shit for it.

Look, there was NOTHING personal about Guckert. Hey, if he had to pay his bills getting his cock sucked by lobbyists until he hooked up the Talon gig, no one would care, except he was in close proximity to the President and in the press room as an obvious foil. Usually, people have background checks before they get in there.

We need to cut this bullshit out at the source. It's time to nail the racists and the bigots and publicize their comments. They will distort what we say at the drop of a hat. let's use the truth against them.

Something else is begining to piss me off.

Every other day on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart makes a joke about how inept the Dems are. We need to cut that shit out as well. When the GOP was fucking up, no one made jokes about it. We need to start defending how the Dems are seen. The days of being a patsy are over. We need to hammer people when they say that crap. You are as you are seen. If you see patsies, that's what you are. You think Harry Reid is someone's patsy?

Our first task is to protect Howard Dean. The DLC assholes will be coming after him to limit his power. We need to remind people how many elections they lost, how they need to shut the fuck up and sit down. Wnen Peter "Pierre Laval" Beinart reminds us about how we've failed his PNAC buddies, we need to send his ass a feather as well. When he does college events, he should be grilled aggressively. It's time to remind these fuckers that their day is done.

It's time to express exactly how angry we are. No more Mr. Nice Guy with people who want to harm us. If Beinart wants to be a PNAC butt boy, fine, but he's no liberal.

It's time to clean out the nest of Vichy Dems and those useless fucking liberals who won't fight. The too PC to breathe crowd. The colonic and vegan dog crowd. Those people can join the circle jerk at the Greens and have endless meetings about meetings.

Funny, while Bush is dismantling social security, where have the Greens and Nader been? Holding their dicks? Feeding vegan dog chow to their starving pups? Exactly why haven't they been eager to join the fight? They talk a good game, but when a real fight is here, one which can't be lost, they have nothing to say. They're as helpful as the dishonest and dogmatic PETA. Anyone who says meat is murder is a cretin destined to lose anyone in their audience past the age of 21.

Which is why embracing defeatism is so dangerous and flawed. It gives the opposition easy victories. Greens should be right next to Dems on this issue, not sitting on the sidelines. These people want to change America, well do they think someone will hand them a country to run? This is the fight, this is the way to gain respect. But they will blather on about IRV and other non-issues. If they want to be qa party, they need to act like one and join the fight, or become the next PETA, the choice is theirs.

If they want respect, they need to join the Band of Brothers opposing social security. Because if they don't join us, they have no soul and no guts. They just want to talk about utopia, they don't want to make anything better.

posted by Steve @ 2:11:00 AM

2:11:00 AM

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