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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The worst and the dumbest

Is incompetence a real sign of progress?

Are blacks united?
Ask Condoleezza

Only a fool would argue that racism in America has died. But one would be equally foolish to argue that the black American community either agrees on or has one true solution to its problems.

As one insider says, "Black people can no longer be looked upon as monolithic, and nobody understands this better than President Bush. He has quietly made very big strides by getting funds to faith-based organizations because the Republicans have discovered that the black churches are ready to do serious work."

In other words, Republicans have discovered that the morality trumpeted by the evangelicals who were so important to their victories in November is shared by the black church community, which has always been conservative on issues regarding personal conduct.

In fact, the black community is on the verge of becoming much more politically splintered. The Democrats would be wise to take the black church into consideration. The party, says one black insider, is "in a free fall because Howard Dean seems destined to be the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, which will doom them for years to come."

The Republicans have succeeded in making high political appointments that seem to be free of any racial glue and actually recognize the individual rather than color or sex.

Look, ministers want to be bought, but the buying comes with a price, increasing disengagement from the black populace. Black people distrust Bush to an amazing degree. More than Reagan, who had few fans among black people.

But what can you expect from a man who uses the word Negro seriously. I mean, he's not quite subservient to white people, but there's a lot of Booker T. Washington in him.

This, of course, is not backed by any polling data. In fact, Howard Dean would be far closer to the political and economic views of black voters than Tim Roemer or Marty Frost by miles. His main problem was his comment sbout the confederate flag. He would have to hire a senior black deputy to smooth over hard feelings, and my bet is Al Sharpton will have a lot of money this fall to force Bloomberg back to 59th Street.

Crouch, like many Republicans, mistake black social conservatism for a political opening, which it is not. The problem is that the GOP has regressive policies and embrace openly racist candidates. Then it disrespects those blacks who do join the party. Time and again, you have stories of truly racist behavior on the part of GOP officials when it comes to dealing with blacks who want to do GOP outreach.

When you actually do the polling, which I cited here a couple of weeks ago, blacks have a Swedish Social Democratic attitude towards public policy. Where the GOP gets in with their regressive economic policies is beyond me.

Now, someone would have to explain to me how Dean, who is actually quite popular within the grassroots of the party, would "doom" the Democratic Party. In fact, polling would indicate the opposite. People want the Dems to activly oppose Bush's agenda, not accomodate it, by something like two to one. They don't want an accomodationist like Roemer or a Red State sellout like Frost. I think one of the most frequent complaints about the Dems among black people is the refusal to stand up for basic party priniciples. Not that the GOP is talking about irrelevant shit like gay marriage.

Now, the idea that the GOP appoints people without regard to race is a cruel joke, maybe even delusional. If Condi Rice was a white man, let's say Richard Clarke, she would have been savaged by the media for her rank incompetence. Clarence Thomas would be a district court judge.

The problem with the GOP is that the only black people who will deal with them are either so estranged from the wider black community or so morally corrupt, they have no future in elective politics. What Crouch forgets is the savaging Barack Obama took in his first run for Congress. He was ridiculed as a tool of white interests when he ran for Bobby Rush's seat in Congress. Just abused. Cory Booker met the same fate when he ran for mayor of Newark. He was attacked by black radio and accused of being a tool of the Jews and white developers. With no evidence and despite the open corruption of the local government. Now, by any standard, these are highly electable young men with sterling resumes, but because there was some question about their loyalty, they were hammered by locals.

Now, when you do that to people running in Democratic primaries, people who are clearly qualified for elective office, how do you run as a Republican and win? You don't, unless the local Dems are as crooked as the Pacific Coast Highway.

This mythical "splintering" will happen because apostates always gain notice. The problem is that the demographic data shows no such splintering. And the GOP's method is simple: buy the black church. They will pay off the ministers to get them to lean GOP, but the problem is that the racism behind that blinds them to the reality that educated people make educated decisions.

I think the reality is that a Dean-led DNC will be far more responsive and in tune to what Democratic voters want, a vigorous opposition to Bush's policies and nowhere are those policies more unpopular than in black America.

What Dems don't get however, is why the GOP is trying to do outreach. It's simple: the GOP cannot rely on aging white voters in an increasingly multicultural America. They need black voters, and hispanic voters, but the problem is that they still rely on racism to drive voters to the polls. So they want blacks to ignore that obvious contradiction, which is unlikely, given the open dislike of the GOP within black America,

posted by Steve @ 7:13:00 PM

7:13:00 PM

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