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Monday, January 24, 2005

Social Secuirty apartheid

Now girl, you don't expect to get the same amount as white folks for social security, do you

Oliver came up with this gem.

GOP: Use race, sex to determine social security benefits
Submitted by Oliver Willis on Mon, 01/24/2005 - 10:56am.

The party of Bush, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that we should dole out social security to Americans based on race and sex.

Let me repeat that.

The Republicans think that your race and sex should determine how much social security benefits you get.

Oh. My. Rep. Bill Thomas, (R - of course) chairman of the House Ways and Means committee:

We also need to examine, frankly, Tim, the question of race in terms of how many years of retirement do you get based upon your race? And you ought not to just leave gender off the table because that would be a factor.

Is he stupid? Or is he trying to kill Bush's Social Security theft plan by a thousand cuts. A racial standard for government benefits. Did he time portal to Pretoria 1975? Because he knows people flipped out when he raised gender. Now he goes all in with race? He has to either have the dumbest staff on the Hill or is as crafty as an old time ward heeler. Because he has to know that this will cause a shit storm.

Bush and his allies have been trying to sell this crap to black people by implying that they die earlier and get cheated out of SS. Well, Thomas just blunted that said basically said "if you want to play that card, well, let's judge ALL social security on race. You wanna play the race card, we'll play a race card." Just the debate is going to become a major, negative distraction to SS theft and the CATO Institute can't really handle the race question.

If you give black people less, it's genocide. If you give white people more, it's white supremacy unleashed. Either way, it puts a real ugly face on what had been a technical debate.

posted by Steve @ 3:04:00 PM

3:04:00 PM

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