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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Don't you talk back to me, peon

Get outta my fuckin' face

Randy's 1st strike

Snaps at photogs in midtown tantrum


Randy Johnson, the Yanks' new high-maintenance hurler, shoves a camera...
... and also stares down our photog en route to his physical in midtown yesterday.
The Big Unit is oficially New York's biggest $32 million crybaby.

Thin-skinned superstar Randy Johnson got into confrontations with a TV cameraman yesterday and a Daily News photographer - a day before he was to appear at Yankee Stadium in his official introduction as a Bronx Bomber. Instead, Yankee fans got a crash-course intro to the star pitcher's prickly personality.

"Look, don't take my picture," the 6-foot-10 Johnson snarled at News shutterbug Michael Schwartz.

Flanked by two Yankee security men, the towering flamethrower stopped on Madison Ave. and E. 59th St. and gestured at Schwartz.

"Don't follow me," Johnson warned. "Don't follow me."

Punk. If he thinks he's gonna pull that shit in New York, well.......

For a tall guy from out West,
Johnson is walking small

There were thousands and thousands of tourists in the city of New York yesterday. They came here from all over the country and all over the world. The tallest of them, a 6-10 baseball pitcher named Randy Johnson, one nicknamed the Big Unit, acted like the biggest hick of all of them, even though he was the one closest to the tops of all the real tall buildings.

Here was Johnson, who tells us it was his lifelong dream to be a Yankee, who said he would pitch in New York for the Yankees or stay in Arizona, walking along Madison Ave. yesterday morning. Jerry Laveroni, the Yankees' director of team security, was with him. So here come Johnson walking one way and here comes Vinny Everett, a cameraman from Ch. 2, giving Johnson the treatment that big guys get in New York all the time, wherever they go, whether they want the attention or not. Everett was putting his camera lights right on him.

Everett was there and Duke Castiglione, a sports guy from Ch. 2, was a block away, waiting to get Big Unit Johnson to give him a small sound bite. This is the daily work of the media in New York. Guys much more important and much more famous than Johnson mostly deal with it in a civil fashion, coming here with the understanding that if you want to take a high-profile job in New York, if you demand $48 million over the next three years to do that job, this is part of the price you pay back.

Not Johnson. Right away he puts his right hand on Vinny Everett's lens. "No cameras," he says to Vinny Everett and so does Jerry Laveroni.

This was apparently supposed to make Everett's knees buckle.

"Get out of my face, that's all I ask," Johnson says.

At this point, only Everett isn't really in his face. He's a long Johnson arm away from him.

Now Johnson tells Everett, "Don't get in my face. I don't care who you are, don't get in my face." Vinny Everett says, "I'm just taking a picture."

"Don't get in my face and don't talk back to me," Johnson says.

Don't talk back to me?

Randy Johnson said that to a television camera yesterday in the all-time, absolute talk-back capital of the entire universe. If he wanted quiet, he should have stayed in Arizona, where apparently people quake if he gives them a hard look.

Don't talk back to me? Maybe this is some version of hello from one of baseball's career cranks. Whatever it is, it immediately becomes the most famous opening remark from a new Yankee since Rickey Henderson 18 years ago.

But guess what? Nobody cares how Johnson acts as longs as he pitches for the Yankees the way Curt Schilling, his old running mate, pitched for the Red Sox last season. You saw how it went with Gary Sheffield last season. As soon as he put on pinstripes and start banging the ball all over the place, Yankee fans and Yankee broadcasters made him more heroic than Sgt. York.

But he's a Yankee, so he could shit in the street and the media would call it compost making. I mean what kind of bullshit is that? New York allows for a lot of privacy, but you have to act civil. Instead he acts like an asshole in a town where people take that hard. Shoving cameramen, asking people not to talk back to him, is he out of his fucking mind? This is New York, people get talked back to like breathing.

Here's the deal, Schilling's politics are not mine, but he's at least sane. And has some fucking brains. He owns a company which makes Advanced Squad Leader scenarios. He's not going to walk down Comm Ave and sneer at people. Johnson was and is an asshole, he's just played in places where no one would call him on it.

Like this:

see, no shoving, no pushing

Winter wonder

Mets' bold moves stir Willie, players


Carlos Beltran joined what he called "the new Mets" on Tuesday, finalizing his $119 million, seven-year contract with New York.

Beltran said he was impressed that Mets owner Fred Wilpon and general manager Omar Minaya flew down to visit him in his native Puerto Rico.

"I feel proud to be part of a new family: the New York Mets. The new Mets," Beltran said at a news conference at Shea Stadium.

“I call it ‘the new Mets’ because this organization is going to a new direction, the right direction, the direction of winning.”

In introducing his second big offseason signing, Minaya called Beltran “one of the best all-around players in baseball.” “When we started putting our team together ... I didn’t think we were going to be able to sign a Carlos Beltran on top of that, after signing a great pitcher like Pedro Martinez.”

Ah, see, this is class. But then, the Mets are the team which does charity work and sends the players around to hospitals at Christmas time.

Oh yeah, fuck the fucking Yankees

posted by Steve @ 1:05:00 PM

1:05:00 PM

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