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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

That idiotic poll

the single most popular black politician in America

People keep asking me about this poll which had 18 percent of black voters going for Bush.

It's not like I needed time or anything, because this is the same kind of question we used to ask each other in 6th Grade. Which was what would you do if a naked woman was on your bed? I think the answer from the age of 12 to my mid-20's, when romance, subtlety and AIDS entered the picture, was fuck her silly. The obvious answer.

Well, when you get a poll saying 18 percent of black people support Bush, the answer is that the poll is as fucked up as two college freshmen on vacation in Amsterdam. The obvious answer.

See, that picture of Al Sharpton? Black people really like him. They stand by him.

Think about Alan Keyes for a minute. He's lucky he doesn't get spit served with his Chicago Hot Dog. I know they toss all kinds of shit on it, but spit isn't on the menu.

Now, think about a world where Al Sharpton is a national hero and Alan Keyes is reviled. Is that a world where George Bush could get one of five voters?

I think not.

What non-black people need to understand is the divide between black people's feeling about homosexuality and their politics.

While a lot of black people may not like the idea of gay marriage, they aren't going to vote that way. You would have to be a total wingnut to do so. When Floyd Flake, a former Congressman and minister from Queens, tried to support Giuliani, his church ignored him. When Calvin Butts, the minister of Abyssinian Baptist Church, was being set up as a foil to Sharpton, that effort died still born. A minister can talk about homosexuality as a sin all he wants on Sunday, but if he thinks he can get his congregation to vote for Bush, he might well lose them and his job.

So while some folks say "oh we need to stop gay marriage", the reply would be, pretty much "nigger, have you lost your goddamn mind? You not gonna give a shit about that when they send your kids to Iraq."

While social issues matter, the predominant issue is not even the economy, but the war. They hate this war, even if they agree with Bush socially.

They fear that black kids are already cannon fodder, even though infantry units tend to be more white than not. They see the lack of jobs and the respect that the military has in black social life and they fear their children going to Iraq.

Everytime you see a picture of a dead black soldier, especially the women in their graduation gowns, it rips the heart out of people. When ABC News ran a story on a former Guardsman living in his car after being wounded, that made a lot of black people, especially women, heartsick. They do not want that to happen to their child.

The draft talk cut to the heart of black families. The idea of their otherwise college-bound or gainfully employed kid going to Iraq is just unacceptable. So many people know relatives or friends who are there already, they do not want their kids joining them.

Vietnam is a bitter legacy in black America, not just the war, but the aftermath, the unemployment, the drug addiction, the feeling that blacks were asked to sacrifice more than their share. All of that makes Bush's war far more important and unpopular than any social question.

posted by Steve @ 9:05:00 PM

9:05:00 PM

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