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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Masterful? Not quite

Marshal Petain, defeatist, then traitor who disgraced his country and uniform

Digby ended a post with the following and it pissed me off. Now, I like the guy's site and he's usually right, but this is some wrongheaded bullshit. And Atrios chiming in doesn't help matters.

This whole pushback by the right, from the blogosphere to the Wurlitzer to the Whitehouse, is absolutely masterful. And, it should give everyone pause if they think there is even a snowball's chance in hell that any member of the Bush administration will ever get justice for the crimes they have committed while in office. Clearly, the press and much of the public are so willing to be used that it is hopeless. This entire episode is nothing but a pathetic reminder of how easily they manipulate perceptions.

We'd better be content to congratulate ourselves for having integrity because it's clear that we do not get any public credit for it. Indeed, we are perceived as being just as bad as they are. If that's the case, does it even matter that we aren't?

First of all, this wasn't masterful in the least. The right bloggers had a day to come up with some easily discredited bullshit, which kept the whole issue of Bush's Guard service in the press. Where they do not want it to be. Rove wanted this to sink beneath the waves, now CBS, which takes their news reputation as seriously as a heart attack, is going to keep digging. What? Did you think they would roll over? Dan Rather doesn't like being called a liar by idiot kids and "document experts" who can't use a ruler to see if a line is justified.

Masterful is sinking this into the land of Poppy Bush's mistress. This is not sunk. And Rove knows this is battery acid on his support with military families. The LAST thing he wanted was a debate on these documents. He wanted them to be a two day story. It's now going to trail him like Clinton's dick, and eventually get him into trouble.

Look, the battle here is NOT with the public, but with the press. Gore got hammered in the media for lying and being some kind of phony. Now, Bush's untrustworthiness is being set up as a theme in the media. Yes, it took four years, but how many landmines are waiting for Bush? The Swift Boat campaign gained Bush a slight edge for about a week and is now going to haunt him big time. Why? Well the Bush campaign used their October strategy in August. Why? They were afraid Kerry was going to put it out of reach. But it put his spotty service record in play.

Read the stories in the major dailies closely. What are the memes?

A: Bush is a liar who campaigns dirty

B: Forgery or not, Bush's guard service is filled with holes with no reasonable answers. Not everyone is a forger or liar.

C: Cheney is unamerican

D: Kerry may flip-flop, but Bush's attack on his defense votes are inaccurate.

Do you think this helps Bush? The polls are not moving beyond MOE even with the short-lived bounce. And his most important assest, his character, is under daily assault. In a far more deadly and effective way than against Kerry.

It literally doesn't matter where the documents came from. Why? Because Bush still can't explain his lack of a flight physical, apprearance in Alabama and discharge. These questions remain open and I ber there are docs which will shed further light on his "service record". And reporters will keep digging and finding new evidence, oh, like the attendance logs of the Alabama Guard unit he was in. If they haven't been scrubbed.

Rove knows his "friends" at LGF have set the hounds afoot when he wanted them chasing other issues.

Second, I can't see into the future. Bush and his cronies may or may not see justice. Who knows? They defended war criminals as well for years. But there is NO chance if people surrender to defeatism.

Unlike a lot of people, I think our fellow citizens eventually get things right. I don't think they're stupid or manipulated. Americans hate politics and they don't truat politicians. Two politicians calling each other liars is not going to surprise or move them. But Bush's campaign is a 21st Century Potemkin. Looks ok from the outside, but the mess on the inside is begining to show. The only reason the wheels don't fly off is Bush's stubborness and demands for loyalty.

Think for a minute: why would Cheney use such and obvious and desperate message as he did? Good poll numbers? Fewer people daily are seeing Bush on the road, so bad they're lying about attendence. The AP counted.

Look, forget the media show and look at the polling. Kerry is a challenger. He is within the MOE in the latest polling. This is not the way incubents win. But you can't win if you quit or think you're losing when you're not.

Bush has to pass by a number of hurdles and it onky takes one to nail him. Just one. So keep giving money, working and watching and stop shitting yourselves over every poll.

If many of you played poker I'd be living in style.:)

posted by Steve @ 12:00:00 AM

12:00:00 AM

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