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Monday, August 30, 2004

Strip bars and the party of morality

The party of morality at play

Republican family values: I’m propositioned on GOP’s first night in town

SUNDAY, AUGUST 29--The first customer of the night, a friendly guy with a head of neat cornrows, was a prophet. "Should be busy," he told the bartender. "The Republican convention's here. There's a lot of cats in town looking for a little entertainment."

Sure enough, a few hours later the delegates began to trickle in. The first group I waited on told me they were from D.C. A mix of young, attractive men and women, they seemed more interested in flirting with each other--"I'm going to make sure I sit right across from you," a man with lacquered hair said to a giggling blond--than in watching "the girls" on stage. The group shelled out a few twenties for dances, but purely for the novelty of it, it seemed. Otherwise, they acted unimpressed. "This is it?" one man asked me.

Other delegates followed in ones and twos, and I started to see driver's licenses from the South attached to men who displayed ever-increasing levels of naïveté. A Texas man sitting alone in front of the stage balked at the price of his glass of wine and insisted that I ask the bartender what brand it was.

When I returned with an answer, his indignation had subsided. "Why aren't you up there dancing?" he asked me, gesturing to the woman gyrating. (On the list of questions frequently asked of a strip-club waitress, this one is rivaled only by "Can we see some girls over here?") "Listen," he said, his already thick drawl slurred by alcohol. "I like buying beautiful women expensive clothes. I like taking them out to any restaurant in town." He went on, detailing his gentlemanly ways, for some time. I noticed he had a red, white, and blue ribbon pinned to his lapel.

Then he said, "I like playing with two girls at once--but that's not a requirement. If I wanted to pay for a girl to spend the night with me, I could." He wrote his cell phone number on the back of a business card. "But that makes me uncomfortable." He handed me the card. I saw the name of an energy firm.

The party of family values in action.

Everybody likes two girls. We just don't lecture people on their morals beforehand.

posted by Steve @ 5:07:00 PM

5:07:00 PM

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