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Friday, July 09, 2004

Fake SF trooper jailed in Afghanistan

Special Forces trooper in Afghanistan

Not a special forces trooper

The man who thinks he's George Clooney. A story of today's Kabul

Duncan Campbell and Kitty Logan in Kabul
Friday July 9, 2004
The Guardian

When Afghan police burst into the large suburban house in Kabul, they were not expecting to see three men strapped to the ceiling and hanging by their feet.

This was supposedly an import business, after all.

But as they released the men, and five other captives who were also in the house, officers realised they had stumbled upon a private jail where Afghan prisoners were being locked up and tortured.

Yesterday, Afghan security forces and the US military admitted they appeared to have uncovered a freelance counterterrorism mission by bounty hunters, who may have been lured to the country by the prospect of earning multimillion-dollar rewards.

At the heart of their investigation is a former American special forces soldier, Jona than Keith "Jack" Idema, who is alleged to have run the private jail and was being questioned last night.

Mr Idema, who is said to be always heavily armed, is far from the only ex-military man to be making a living in Kabul, which has an atmosphere redolent of The Third Man, Graham Greene's thriller about postwar Vienna.

Many of the private security guards attached to embassies and commercial companies have military histories, either real or imagined. Typically, they can be seen in dark glasses and camouflage gear, sub-machine guns slung over their shoulders as they ride through the city. They are often to be seen at the Mustafa hotel, one of the few bars that sell alcohol to ex-pats, who gather for the hotel's popular roof-top barbecues.

Mr Idema, it emerged yesterday, has a colourful past. A volatile former Green Beret with a criminal record in the US, he describes himself as a security adviser. He also claims that he is the person on whom George Clooney's part in the Hollywood film The Peacemaker was based.

While there has been no official explanation of what sort of operation he was running, there are large rewards on offer for the capture of al-Qaida members in Afghanistan, which has led to a boom in the private security business.

The biggest reward of all - $25m - remains on offer for information leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Mr Idema knows all about him, having collaborated with Robin Moore, the author of the book The Hunt for Bin Laden, a gung-ho account, published last year, of the so-far unsuccessful pursuit of the al-Qaida leader.

Here are the opinions of his "fellow" SF troopers

Here's what I remember.

Keith Idema was an 11th SFG (A) rigger. He started making tactical kit before Eagle, etc. In 5th SFG (A) a number of us in the SADM biz had his "ICS" assault vests (I still have mine).

He moved to Fayetteville from New England. He started making high-speed gear alledgedly for various hidgh-speed outfits and various high-speed LEO agencies, and then branched into putting on a 'Special Operations Expo'.

He started doing some fraudulent stuff. Not paying creditors, not delivery goods. He got arrested tried and convicted on a bunch of wire fraud charges. Meanwhile, either before / during his trial or while he was in Club Fed, Idema claimed his secretary / assistant 'stole' his Special Operations Expo' business (the client list, dealer list, venue list) and set up her own business. Idema sued her. Note that there aren't any Special Operations Expos now a days.

Note that Keith was a rigger. That is a Quartermaster MOS, not an SF MOS. IF he was ever fully SF qualified he wasn't serving in an SF position when I first became aware of him. As far as I know, he's a 'SF support guy' - he was in the 11th's Support Battalion, packing chutes, but not an SF soldier.

The 11th SFG (A) was a US Army Reserve SF Group, primarily in New England and the Middle Atlantic. Deactivated in the early 1990s.
Oh my gosh, he's a LEGEND... in his OWN MIND.

Now I'll treasure my vintage Ideam Commando (or is it 'Combat'?) Systems 'Demon' tactical vest ever so much more... barf!

The vest is actually a decent piece of kit... (old and worn out like me, but still good - unlike me).

So how come he's suddenly a former 'Delta Force Green Beret'?

A GOOGLE search turned up a bunch of paint ball forums where they are spanking him for ripping off people left and right.

And its sad to see that he's wrapped in the George Maracek business. Maracek was a good soldier, but... he murdered his wife. What he doesn't need is a whack job like Idema in his corner.

One 'aww-shit' wipes out hundreds of 'atta-boys'.

And the dude is EVERYWHERE. I found this quote on a doggie site ( "When he was a Green Beret, Idema, 45, traveled to some dangerous areas, and his trusted companion in parachuting out of airplanes and sniffing out bombs was his Tibetan shepherd, Sarge. Idema even has a Web site ( detailing Sarge's heroics." I've never taken a POD (privately owned dog) on a jump... The dog site is too strange.

I also found him quoted on several tinfoil hat conspiracy sites reference Waco, where he is supposed to have all the skinny on SF and Delta involvement.
Why doesn't anyone in the goverment care about ass-holes making a mockery out of the military with this stupid shit. I mean Oh yea I remember taking my dog and girlfriend and my dad plus my dead grandma on water jumps in Shirley Lake, at Devens. What an ass- hole. These people trade on the effort and hard fought history of 1000's of great people.

I forgot the scene in Peacemaker with Nicole Kidman is she supposed to be Condi Rice as NSC special advisor Plus the scene in the vault that a Maj. SF dude goes up and takes on the whole intel community plus the nukes in Bosnia and New York city Radiation Birds. Yea right this guy I'm sure did all this because it NEVER HAPPENED.
Oh boy, Keith Idema eh?

I’m former British Army.
About 92’ or 93, one of our guys went over to a Spec Ops show at Fort Bragg.

He’d run into this guy Keith Idema and pinged him as a card-carrying loony.

He told us in great detail about Idema’s “looked-faked” “El Salvador” pictures, and even showed us a “STABO” rig, Idema had made.

I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure Keith Idema is actually a designated “Intelligence nuisance” in the British Army’s registry system.

dema was NOT a rigger

Keith did graduate from the Q course in the 70s. He was an 18C. I understand he also went to and yes passed SCUBA school. He is also a convicted felon. I ran into him last year at the courthouse in Fayetteville. He was sueing the companies who had testified against him during his wire fraud trial. Worst part is, he was winning! He didn't have a lawyer, he is just a great stanf up philosopher. Apparently, when he was going to trial soem of the companies he had ripped off, overinflated the amount he actually stole and he was able to prove that in court. Only in America. I see from his web site he married a hammer so I guess they didn't convert him in prison despite his claims that they kept him in the AIDS block of the prison. I wonder if his wife knows this.

Before one of you guys wants to sharpshoot me, I know they weren't 18-series back then. And I made a mistake. I think he was actually an 05B but WANTED to be a 12B.
he last time I saw him was at the trial of COL(Ret) Marecek, another convicted felon. I was a witness for the prosecution and Idema/Enema worked w/Marecek to 'discredit' me by babbling bullshit that I was a spy for the KGB and the Czechoslovakian StB. As we were going back into the courtroom after lunch one day, Enema and his cameraman got in line right behind me. I had never seen the guy in person but had heard from the deputies and the attorneys that Marecek had hired this ex-Delta badass to harass the prosecution witnesses. Somebody in line said, "There he is!" so I turned around to see Enema and his cameraman filming me. Enema asked me (on camera!) "Hey, Russ, how does it feel to be a Soviet spy?" I laughed in his face and said, "You'll never know, will you?" He was obviously expecting a more vehement denial and was taken aback when I laughed at him. "What do you mean by that?" he blustered. Smiling into his camera I said, "Well, Keith, Soviet spies have to be at least 5'6" tall, which means your little sawed-off ass will never make it!" The bailiff and all the bystanders started hooting and laughing at him which made him so mad he was almost spitting he was sputtering so hard. "Well, Russ" he said, "you're getting pretty big around the middle." "Yeah, Keith, that's sad but true. But you know what? I can always lose weight, but you'll never grow an inch, you runty little bastard." Then I turned to the bailiff who was searching all the witnesses/observers and told him to make Enema take off his shoes to see if he was wearing lifts in his shoes to impress the chicks.

Anyway, Marecek is in jail and Enema oughta be.

As you can see, he has a big fan club.

I detest people like this. Fucking assclown playing war, running a private jail, what the fuck? I cannot stand anyone who lies about their service record. Just cannot abide it. It dishonors the dead.

posted by Steve @ 3:55:00 AM

3:55:00 AM

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