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Monday, May 31, 2004

The White Man's Protection Party

Selfish white people gather to protect their "rights"

Somalia - a libertarian paradise. No government, no laws, daily drug use.

Libetarians are like small children, unable to realize why they can't have their way. They have no idea of social responsibility, but they cloak it in freedom. I saw the convention of the assclowns on Saturday, and started to laugh. Three people, the sybarite bad movie producer Aaron Russo, radio talk show host and bad hair victim, Gary Nolan, and yet another "computer consultant" asshole, Michael Badnarik were campaigning for the nomination to run for President. All three of these people make Zell Miller look more like a noble civil servant than the rank opportunist he is.

Why? Beccause the libertarian platform is fundamentally and unalterably racist at it's core. Not the cross-burning, nigger lynching kind. If you had rolled up to their convention with the Stars and Bars and a cross, they would have beaten you silly. But just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there's more than one way to be a racist.

What the libertarian policies would do is enshrine the status quo as law. No social mobility, no redress of grievences. Government would let the rich rule the poor without any chance of altering that.

So let's look at some of their bright ideas and deconstruct them.


  • To transfer control of education from bureaucrats to parents and teachers and encourage alternatives to the public school monopoly, the Libertarian Party would:

    * Support a true market in education -- one in which parents and students would not be stuck with a bad local school, because they could choose another.

    * Implement measures such as tax credits so that parents will have the financial ability to choose among schools.

    * Provide financial incentives for businesses to help fund schools and for individuals to support students other than their own children.

    * Eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, which spends billions on education and educates no one. The growth of this agency and its numerous regulations is a major reason for runaway costs in American schools.

  • Ok, there is no evidence that a "market" for education works. France doesn't have one, China doesn't. And their people are literate. Americans have real problems with this. Tax credits only benefit the people who pay taxes. Businesses are businesses, not the government. They should run their businesses. If people choose to not educate others, what happens then? Do we do what they do in the Third World and charge for education? Or do people just become more ignorant.

    What is lacking here is any sense of collective responsibility. We should all feel collective responsiblity for each other, and express that through government. We tried schools based on charity of others and 50 percent of America was illiterate. Libertarians are selfish, sheltered people. Poor people know the need for collective responsibility and collective action, which is what a government is. It isn't just designed to take your money.


  • Since we believe that all persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor, we oppose all government activity that consists of the forcible collection of money or goods from individuals in violation of their individual rights. Specifically, we:

    1. recognize the right of any individual to challenge the payment of taxes on moral, religious, legal, or constitutional grounds;

    2. oppose all personal and corporate income taxation, including capital gains taxes;

    3. support the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, and oppose any increase in existing tax rates and the imposition of any new taxes;

    4. support the eventual repeal of all taxation; and

    5. support a declaration of unconditional amnesty for all those individuals who have been convicted of, or who now stand accused of, tax resistance.

    As an interim measure, all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately.

  • Like small children, they want to keep all their money. Build roads? No. Fund colleges? No. Do anything for the collective domestic tranquility of America? No. We pay taxes to have a civil society. To prevent banditry and starvation. Not just to waste money. Countries which can't collect taxes soon look like Somalia.

    Unions and Collective Bargaining

  • We support the right of free persons to voluntarily establish, associate in, or not associate in, labor unions. An employer should have the right to recognize, or refuse to recognize, a union as the collective bargaining agent of some, or all, of its employees.

    We oppose government interference in bargaining, such as compulsory arbitration or the imposition of an obligation to bargain. Therefore, we urge repeal of the National Labor Relations Act, and all state Right-to-Work Laws which prohibit employers from making voluntary contracts with unions. We oppose all government back-to-work orders as the imposition of a form of forced labor.

    Government-mandated waiting periods for closure of factories or businesses hurt, rather than help, the wage-earner. We support all efforts to benefit workers, owners, and management by keeping government out of this area.

    Workers and employers should have the right to organize secondary boycotts if they so choose. Nevertheless, boycotts or strikes do not justify the initiation of violence against other workers, employers, strike-breakers, and innocent bystanders.

  • These people forget that labor law was forged in blood. People died for the right to strike. The federal government intervened in labor disputes to prevent deaths, not just to interfere. The Roosevelt Administration had to become involved in labor disputes because the states were siccing the National Guard on non-violent strikers. Labor law comes from a brutal history of violence, which many of these folks do not realize.

    Poverty and Unemployment

  • Government fiscal and monetary measures that artificially foster business expansion guarantee an eventual increase in unemployment rather than curtailing it. We call for the immediate cessation of such policies as well as any governmental attempts to affect employment levels.

    We support repeal of all laws that impede the ability of any person to find employment, such as minimum wage laws, so-called "protective" labor legislation for women and children, governmental restrictions on the establishment of private day-care centers, and the National Labor Relations Act. We deplore government-fostered forced retirement, which robs the elderly of the right to work.

    We seek the elimination of occupational licensure, which prevents human beings from working in whatever trade they wish. We call for the abolition of all federal, state, and local government agencies that restrict entry into any profession, such as education and law, or regulate its practice. No worker should be legally penalized for lack of certification, and no consumer should be legally restrained from hiring unlicensed individuals.

    We oppose all government welfare, relief projects, and "aid to the poor" programs. All these government programs are invasive of privacy, paternalistic, demeaning, and inefficient. The proper source of help for such persons is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals.

  • Private charity failed in the 19th Century. Which is why the government got involved. Minimum wage is not some random idea, but forces employers to pay fair wages. It was one of the basic worker rights established. They have to be kidding about no licenses. I like my doctors to be licensed and my lawyers to have passed the bar. Maybe I'm funny that way, but these are not arbitrary requirements, but manditory ones for public safety and security.

    Social Security

  • We favor replacing the current fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, government sponsored Social Security system with a private voluntary system. Pending that replacement, participation in Social Security should be made voluntary. Victims of the Social Security tax should have a claim against government property.

  • Social security is not insurance, it pays current benefits. It was never designed to be insurance. Once you make it voluntary, it converts into an insurance plan and becomes extremely expensive. If you make it voluntary, you ensure some folks would be living in penury, the system Social Security was designed to prevent.

    Foreign Aid

  • We support the elimination of tax-supported military, economic, technical, and scientific aid to foreign governments or other organizations. We support the abolition of government underwriting of arms sales. We further support abolition of federal agencies that make American taxpayers guarantors of export-related loans, such as the Export-Import Bank and the Commodity Credit Corporation. We also oppose the participation of the U.S. government in international commodity circles which restrict production, limit technological innovation, and raise prices.

    We call for the repeal of all prohibitions on individuals or firms contributing or selling goods and services to any foreign country or organization.

  • Americans give very little foreign aid compared with our allies, and much of it is spent on US goods and services. We also place onerous conditions on what we do give. We are not a particularly generous nation.

    Most of the Libetarian ideas are selfish, which is why these ideas were so popular with computer people. As long as they were making money, they thought this was fine. Everyone could care for themselves. But when they were back in momma's basement and doing the 1-9 shift at Starbucks, they saw the idea of social responsibility in a very different light. All their anti-union tirades faded as they saw how their former bosses walked off with fortunes while they were sitting home on weekends too tired to do anything.

    The effect of the Libertarian ideas would be to limit help to the poor to charity. The poor would no longer have the right of neutral decision making, but would have to jump through hoops to get services. They would become modern day serfs, relying on businesses to fund their schools, private organizations to help them in times of need and have no say in how these resources were used.

    Government is not just the waster of money, but the arbiter of social justice. By having the decisions decided by neutral bodies, which is what government is, social justice can at least be attempted. When America let private individuals and charity run the show, you could be denied services for any number of reasons. Government cannot be so arbitrary. The reason we have civil rights is due to a government able to enforce them. Left up to the whims of individuals, black people would still be eating in colored only sections.

    This is a profundly anti-democratic way of seeing the world. While the libertarians would get their guns and dope, they would leave millions to the whims of fortune and arbitrary treatment. It is a profound lack of faith in the ability and intellect of others. It is the perfect ideology for the arrogant and isolated. It is surburban selfishness.

    When a local libertarian group handed out toy guns at the elementary school down the block, the local residents not only called them racist, but literally put the boot to their ass. Gunplay is no joke in my neighborhood, where the local knucklehead is occasionally shot in gang warfare or the police may gun down the innocent. These liberterians had no idea that the parents would want to kick their asses because there is a consequence for their action. Which might be the death of their child.

    The libertarian thinks that HE or SHE can manage their own life to perfection, and that is not the case, Societies were formed because people need help to survive. It is a cooperative effort, not just proof you're smarter than other people.

    I was surprised to see a sea of white people at the Libertarian convention, not a black or brown face in sight. It was the face of middle class, suburban complacency, who don't really want to live the consequences of their ideas. You don't get freedom with their ideas, you get Somalia. You get armed thugs, daily drug use and random violence as the order of the day. justice devolves into the whims of the powerful, not the rule of law.

    What libertarianism would do is freeze the society in its status quo. No racial, no social justice, just angry people relying on the whims of the powerful to do as they would. Government is the social leveller, without it, people would do as they chose, and in many cases, the weak would suffer and revert to serfdom.

    posted by Steve @ 9:45:00 AM

    9:45:00 AM

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