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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Vox Et Gilly--Update on Steve, and Ideas for the Blog

Vox Et Gilly--Update on Steve, and Ideas for the Blog

Saw Steve yesterday--I'll get to the general update news in a minute, but first, an important message from the Man Himself:

Steve says that "he doesn't want the blog to be all about me; all about Steve Being in the Hospital." He wants folks to suggest ideas, post essays, rants, etc...and to keep new threads appearing, and to see them flourish.

To that end, please send your rants, with links if necessary, to jen at runne dot com. If you want your email added, just let me know. I myself will be posting a topic that I had discussed with Steve after this.

Oh, yeah, and buy more crap from the CafePress store! He was really into the idea of logo visibility, etc...and don't forget folks, you WILL need something fly to wear at the protests for the NYC Rethuglican Convention... :D

Okay, now onto more News of Steve. He's still in semi-isolation; visitors are still restricted and need to wear the hairnet, gown, gloves, and face mask. However, he's at least TALKING. He's on dialysis, which hopefully won't 86 his kidneys permanently--its a definite risk (he had other kidney ishes before he went in) but one that must be taken. They're installing a new dialysis interface today I belive, into his chest, "which is a good thing" according to Gilly, as it get the needle out of his neck.

He's also loosing a lot of weight, which is also a good thing. I got to meet his Dad and his physician, and the prognosis looks good, thank G-d, so far. He's already in limited physical therapy, and can finally take himself to the shower and bathroom. Yes, they can actually unhook him from all of his drips and stuff long enough so that he can actually bathe, something which is very welcome by him!

When this is all over, he'll have an impressive scar, but he also wants to come back to a robust blog. Having said that, keep the good thoughts, prayers, good karma-blasts, and so on! Also, he is most insanely thankful and astonished by and for people's generosity, goodwill, and general goodness....

One final thing--healthy visitors are always appreciated by him--he's still not exactly doing Olympain handsprings up and down the cardio ward, and there's only so much CNN he can watch (yes, he still can't have books, cards, flowers, etc. in the room with him) you're in the NYC area and want to visit, email me at jen at runne dot com for details! As he put it, "hey, the parents need a break!"

Thanks again, everyone! And DO send along stories so I can post em.

---Jen Runne

posted by Steve @ 1:31:00 PM

1:31:00 PM

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