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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Vote on Tuesday

Vote on Tuesday

My rehab has a computer which goes on line and typing is part of my therapy.

First, while I'm still in the hospital, I want to thank everyone for their kind words, contributions and support. It has made a very lonely time not so lonely. The knowledge of your love and support has made a difficult time far more bareable. My family and I thank you.

I'll have more to say when I'm back on my machine.

One other thing: there is no way that this site would still exist without Jen Runne's support and dedication. Thanking her would be a wonderful thing, because without her, this site would have gone ghost.

With that said, I appeal to everyone in New York to vote on Tuesday and vote for John Kerry. The fact is that a lot of you believed in Howard Dean and thought he would be the man to win. Well, that didn't happen and all the support Dean and Clark garnered should go to Kerry.

I've had questions about Kerry's "flexibililty" for years. But, when no one else was quesrtioning foreign policy, Kerry was the only one who raised issues about Reagan, Bush, and Clinton's policies. And to be fair, he's been on the right side. For all the people who were going to support Dean, the best was to ensure the defeat of Bush is to support Kerry without reservation. Raise money, do Meetups, network. We cannot allow Bush to lie about this man with his 130m warchest.

You have to decide: are you dedicated to a man or the rights of all Americans. You can see what Bush has planned: a war against gays who want to marry.

Why do gays want to marry? To protect their homes and kids. Not to offend the churchgoing. Without the right to marry, custody, divorce, even illness can turn a loving relationship into a nightmare. I'm single and Jen gets along with my parents, so it was easy for my parents to step in when I got ill. But if I were gay , they could reeneter my life over my objections, no matter how long I was with my partner, and that would be hellish. I could never know where my kids would wind up if I died or split. No American deserves to live under that kind of cloud.

John Kerry and his rivals are concerned about jobs, healthcare (I'm living proof we need it), and Iraq. Bush wants to tell you how to live. I don't want to live that way and neither do you.

John Edwards is running for vice president. Which he should be. He's a decent man, but has too little experience. If you want to give Sharpton and Kucinich delegates, fine, but the main fight is with Kerry and stopping Bush.

Many of you wondered why I didn't endorse Dean last year. Well, this is why, to support the man who can beat Bush, regardless of who he is.

I hope you agree.

posted by Steve @ 2:58:00 PM

2:58:00 PM

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