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Friday, February 27, 2004

Update on Steve

Update on Steve

Spoke to Gilly and his Mom last night. Sort of a good news/bad news situation...

The Good News: Rehab IS coming along as planned, and he's something *knocks wood* of a star patient. Part of this is because they put him in the Spinal Injury Ward, "and I'm the only person who can feed myself, bathe myself, dress myself, and wipe my own ass." So, he's grateful for the little things, as he wasn't able to do most of these before he went into rehab.

On the downside, the dialysis and other meds are taking his toll, and he's having issues keeping his blood pressure up and his food down. So, his release date has been pushed back for a while, while his stomach re-acclimates, his kidneys reboot, and his system generally just gets used to moving in an upright position again.

However, he CAN finally have stuff brought to him, and he's started to read newspapers and the like again "as too much bad TV will make anyone crazy." He is VERY VERY grateful and astonished by everyone's generosity and concern--as is his family.

He's raring to get back, and SOUNDS stronger every day. The fact that I'm getting calls from him almost every night past 11 PM--way after they turn off incoming calls--shows that he's well and alert enough to be bored, which is a positive sign. He's at the stage where he can start taking proactive steps towards his recovery, as opposed to just sitting there and having stuff stuck in him.

More as it develops! PLEASE keep the good wishes, prayers, and karma-rays coming!

--Jen Runne, posting for Steve Gilliard

posted by Steve @ 11:11:00 AM

11:11:00 AM

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