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Monday, February 16, 2004

The "Sanctity" of Marriage and the Gay Marriage Flap

The "Sanctity" of Marriage and the Gay Marriage Flap

Here's a great topic...what's with all of these right-wing groups yapping about the "sanctity" of marriage, in a country that's rife with divorce, incest, adultery, and other stuff of the sort? On a less moralistic, more practical note, how can we justify denying gays and lesbians the rights conferred to heterosexual couples when so many social benefits--such as the legitimacy of children, health insurance, welfare benefits (in many states), unemployment benefits in case of spousal relocation, pensions, caretaker rights, and so on--are tied almost ONLY to marriage?

After all, in the US, family status is the source of many "individual" rights which are vested in the PERSON (and not the marital status of them or their parents) in those countries.

As more and more states--and more and more people--see the simple truth behind the anti-gay-marriage movement, expect to see more and more blowhards sputtering about "Biblical intention" and other bigoted arguments.

The next time you run into one of these folks, ask does two men or two women getting married threaten THEIR marriage? That's the real question, and the answer is of course, it doesn't.

Have fun with this topic, folks!

--Jen Runne, posting for Steve Gilliard

posted by Steve @ 4:57:00 PM

4:57:00 PM

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