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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Safer for whom

Safer for whom

In Todays' s NY Times, Tom Friedman suggests that outsouring jobs will prevent terrorism. That may well be true, but what about the local terrorism of gangs and poverty. India is not the only poor place on earth and violence is not all terrorism related.

In the real world, we all have to live with the fear of losing our jobs. Friedman does not. No more that the president's economic advisor. They can spout theory because it is only theory to them. To the middle class mother, a call-center job fed her family. When she's scraping by on a Slave-Mart salary with no benefits, who really pays for it an her trips to the food bank or food stamp office. We do, not the theorists.

I'm all for Indian econmic success. We all should be. But not at the expense of my friends and community. That is suicidal. It is just as dangerous for my personal safety to have the local homies unempoyed and bouncing in and out of the court system as it is to have some kid in a madrassa planning to bring America to it's knees.

It may be locgical to Freidman, who is rich, but to the rest of us, the clear and present danger lies with angry, unemployed men at home, who have caused far more damage in the streets of America than Bin Laden ever could.

posted by Steve @ 4:44:00 PM

4:44:00 PM

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