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Friday, February 20, 2004

The RIAA--the new Mafia?

The RIAA--the new Mafia?

Yeah, only tangential to this blog, but still, it's a great hot button issue regarding the power of Big BizNess in America. A great article about the current status of the RIAA lawsuits can be found here....

Now, what really gets my back up is that they are now even going after schools for usages that for years and years have been considered "fair use." The fact that Mr. Music Teacher can now have students download music clips for research purposes, instead of having to make a tape from a vynil record at home and then play it for the class, has ZERO impact on the end use. The whole concept of "fair use" is an intent-based statute, and courts have long established that using at least part of a work without paying for it is OK in a number of contexts.

The RICO countersuit is both brilliant and legally sound. To have the RIAA say "we MAY beat you in court, but if you're smart, you'll pay up now, even though the amount we're asking for has very little bearing on actual damages--it's just easier for us to get" is pure extortion.

Rant away....

---Jen Runne, posting for Steve Gilliard

posted by Steve @ 2:02:00 PM

2:02:00 PM

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