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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Just Say No to Ralph Nader

Just Say No to Ralph Nader

From an email from The Progressive Majority:

Tell Nader: Don't Run!

Dear Jen,

Looks like Nader is running for President, so Progressive Majority is reviving our Just Say No, Ralph! campaign this weekend. Ralph Nader plans to announce his plans this Sunday on Meet the Press with Tim Russert. He's raised money, he's got a web site, and everything points to another Nader run for the presidency - this time as an Independent candidate.

I challenge progressives to remain united in our will to defeat George W. Bush in November!

Ready to Take Action?
1. Email Ralph
2. Show Up at NBC this Sunday

We all need to work together to make sure that we are a strong, unified force to win the White House in November. First things first, send Ralph Nader an email immediately and tell him not to run:

Progressive Activists in Washington DC:

Zap Action at NBC this Sunday, February 22, 2004

Place: In front of the gates of NBC Studios, as Ralph Nader enters for the Meet the Press taping

Address: 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Time: 8:15 AM arrival, the show starts taping at 9:00 AM

Who: YOU and everyone you know who cares about kicking Bush out of the White House. Bring your friends, forward this email, get on the phone, do everything you can to get people to Nebraska Avenue on Sunday morning – we’ve got 36 hours to make this zap action a huge success.

What: Make “Just Say No, Ralph!” signs, “Don’t Do it Ralph!” signs. Be creative, be respectful.

Progressive Activists Nationwide:

We need virtual organizers who will help us spread the word.

Please use the link below to sign-up for Progressive Majority’s Just Say No, Ralph! campaign:

Click here to sign-up for the Just Say No, Ralph! Campaign

Now, here's my question...what kind of crack is Ralphie Boy smoking, and where can we all get some? 'Cause, if he screws up THIS election, I'm gonna need more than aspirin for the headache.

---Jen Runne, Posting for Steve Gilliard

posted by Steve @ 11:11:00 PM

11:11:00 PM

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