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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Clark vs. Dean--Is Dean our New Ralph Nader?

Clark vs. Dean--Is Dean our New Ralph Nader?

Okay, two seconds of off-the-cuff commentary, and fuel for a pigfight, erm, enlightened political debate.

When I last saw Steve, we agreed that Dean's rise and fall was "one of the most spectacular cases of political suicide that [Steve] has ever seen." With this in mind, one has to applaud Clark for bowing out and bringing some sense of unity to a very hot party nomination race--without leaving too too much mud in his tracks. that Clark is on the back porch smoking a fatty, as it were...what kind of crack is Dean smoking? He still continues to try to "class bait" Kerry and whatnot, and whether it's TRUE or not, the kinds of attacks that he's using are NOT the kinds of attacks that can be smoothed over once a nominee is picked.

As another pal of mine put it, Dean will be the "New Ralph Nader" for the Dems, and may divide folks just enough to loose another election by a hair for us. He may be right. One thing that the Repugnicans have done well for years is to get their shock troops back in line after a nomination, and pull a common vote together. Dems are viewed, perhaps correctly, as whiny pains in the ass who will pout in the corner if "their" superspecial group isn't represented or heard, even if it means stopping the game, and taking their ball and going home.

Okay, there you go! Please keep the thread suggestions coming!

--Jen Runne, posting for Steve Gilliard

posted by Steve @ 11:25:00 AM

11:25:00 AM

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