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Friday, January 02, 2004

Who says the New Republic is Liberal?

Who says the New Republic is Liberal?

Kos has been kicking around TNR this week, but I want to make a point: who says TNR is liberal?

As I remember it, famed "liberal" Andy Sullivan couldn't wait to debate the Bell Curve. While everyone, of couse, denounced this work of eugencist nonsense, I don't remember seeing Commentary debate Mein Kampf as an idea. Basically, Charles Murray's racialist theories came down to blacks have bigger penises and are stupider than Asians and whites fall in the middle. For this, the kind of twaddle that any half-wit Nazi from the woods of Michigan, one of the nation's leading magazines of opinion was dedicated.

The fact is that the TNR staff exploded in rage and demanded that the magazine's coverage change. This is hardly shocking, given Sullivan's own racial fetish issues, but the idea that this was a legitimate debate is humorous to say the least.

TNR then coddled the race baiter and plagerist Ruth Shalit, who devoted considerabel effort in trying to embarass the Washington Post for their hiring record. Of course, the number of actual negroes working at TNR could be counted in single numbers.

So, exactly how did TNR become defined as a liberal voice? They've had a subtle racist agenda for years and no one seems to notice. Their ethical standards are also comical. This is, remember, the magazine which hired both Ruth Shalit and then Stephen Glass, while railing against affirmative action.

Just because they aren't burning churches or taking about establishing a white homeland doesn't mean that they have any sort of liberal voice. Their editors have been anti-black for over a decade and now people are wondering if they're liberal now? They may not have much truck for the conservatism popular in DC these days, but these folks don't share much in common with real liberals.

posted by Steve @ 10:54:00 PM

10:54:00 PM

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