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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, January 01, 2004

Things I'd like to see

Things I'd like to see

Every year, you're eventually surpised by something that happens. But here are some things which I'd like to see in 2004 which would defenitely catch me by surprise.

1) The Weekly Standard hires real historians.

Sure, they have people who write history books, but they're as accurate about his as Bush is with the truth. It would be nice to Boot ant Hanson be forced to use facts in their arguments and not just hoary opinions.

2) Crawford reporters love nest exposed

What? You didn't think they just played cards for a month, did you?

3) The Player premiers on ABC

Skip all the matchmaking and lets get to the hookingup. The first reality show to consist of people only out for one thing. Lie, cheat, steal, don't matter. The more you hook up, the more things you win.

4) Dan Synder sells 'Skins

I don't like the Skins, but he's a dick.

5) Pork Rinds help cure cancer

Is there any more to be said about fried porky goodness?

6)Bush Administration sticks up for consumer

Yes, and the pope endorses gay marriage

7) Tom DeLay bitchslapped by Wes Clark.

Coward? You pesticide sucking maggot. I got a fist full of coward for yo' punk ass

8) Howard Dean tells Joe Lieberman he's a pious sell-out

In notably unpolite language, Howard Dean said that Sen. Joe Lieberman has betrayed the prinicples of the Democratic party and that whiny voice annoys the shit out of him. "I went to Yale, too Joe, and I don't sit at the right hand of God. "

9) Karl Rove is exposed as alien cyborg, loyal to his master, Erdouc from Planet Remulon 67.

You don't think he's human do you?

10) UPN actually turns out a show which can be watched for more than three minutes

This could happen. Bush could do something decent for once.

posted by Steve @ 9:43:00 PM

9:43:00 PM

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