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Sunday, January 04, 2004

They can't really believe this...

They can't really believe this...

Melanie points out a post from seeing the forest about this article, who's author was kind enough to point out the writers right-wing links.

History is not repeated, but it is a guide. Many historians believe Lee made his attack at Cemetery Ridge believing that the Union Army would break, as they had so many times before. But Lee, lacking his right arm, Stonewall Jackson, had not realized the war, and the Union Army had changed. The Union was on defense, the stand of the 20th Maine, as forlorn a hope as anything ever fought, should have been the hint. But the next day, up came 15,000 Virginians from Pickett's division, and they came close, but close wasn't enough. The defenders that day were Pennslyvanians and New Yorkers who had been massacred at Fredricksburg. Behind that ridge wasn't just more Southern farmland, but their homes. Their commander, George Meade, was a Pennslyanian. No one was retreating that day, because this fight was on their ground and they knew the stakes.

Only after Pickett's men lay dying across a mile of Pennsylvania farmland, the attack broken, did Lee realize the folly of his assumption. He told his men "it is all my fault" and many believed he had a heart attack. Pickett never forgave him, Longstreet remained guilty and heartbroken for life, but at the end of the day, they overestimated their skill and the determination of their enemy.

NEW YORK, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- If John McCain called his 2000 presidential campaign the "Straight Talk Express," then Howard Dean should be coining his the "Straight-Off-A-Cliff Express."

At this time last year, if any pundit would have said that he had Dean pegged to win the 2004 Democratic Party presidential nomination, he would have been well-advised to have his head examined. What a difference a year makes! Dean's success amongst Democrats can be largely attributed to the fact that he has been able to galvanize and energize certain factions of the Democratic Party: namely the "new age hippies" and those who are seriously desperate for either a date or a party.

I don't think pros believe this. This is crap they spoon out to the masses. I think the pros know the Dean operation is professional. This might describe the Kucinich people or the Clark people, but Dean? Not in anything I've seen. But if they want to believe it, hell, let's sell them t-shirts and tye-dye them.

Dean has used the Internet to sign up supporters for "meet-ups" in their area. Essentially, it's a revamping of the "political love-in" from the '60s, where pot-smoking hippies would use politics as a guise for picking up dates. Now, Dean -- having "liberated" the gays of the state of Vermont by legislating civil unions, much in the same way he might imagine that Lincoln "liberated" the slaves -- is out to "free" every sex-starved, party-deprived Democrat and give them what they really want: a good time.

Maybe it's me, but if I were going for a drink, Howard Dean is not the guy I would choose. He seems like a Ivy-League educated doctor. Now, if I wanted to bullshit with someone, I'd go out with John Edwards, maybe tailgate with the guy. But it's kind of hard to depict an internist who worked in rural Vermont as a hang-out, party guy. The Dean workers seem like the kind of kids and their parents you see at Tufts or Swathmore or Oberlin or Colgate. Not the super serious "I went to Harvard" types you bump into, but the kind of people who take their history and politics degrees seriously and want to join the Peace Corps or Foreign Service. They don't think they're chosen to save the world, but they wouldn't mind taking a shot at it if asked.


On Dec. 28, Dean's campaign manager, Joe Trippi, sent out a mass mailing to every poor sap who happened to give the "Dean for America" folks his or her e-mail address: "We need to raise $1.5 million before midnight on December 31 so we can win Iowa. With just four days left to go, we're $1.2 million short. Please take action right now, because these are the most critical days our campaign has ever faced."

The writer describes this as desperate, but in reality, campaigns do this all the time. And the Dean homestead remains unmortgaged. That's desperate and it's silly. But like I said, if you want to believe it, believe it.

............" Perhaps a "get off your arses, you lazy hippies" would have been more effective?

Considering the staggering amounts of money raised by the Dean campaign so far, lazy hippies is not the word I would use. Nor would any professional. Money speaks volumes and the Dean money scoops it up like the 700 Club, but with lower overhead. It sends the fear of Jesus into Karl Rove and anyone who says it doesn't, is going to be lying like a rug.

That brings me to yet another Dean downfall. Man, is this guy ever angry. I mean, seriously agitated. .................
Dean rants and raves and flings and flails so much during debates, events and appearances that I honestly don't know how anyone could picture this guy in the Oval Office, within an arm-fling's distance of the Big Red Button.

Ah, the theme of the angry lefty, railing against everything. Of course, he looks like a doctor, so this mental image falls flat in reality. Dean has no corner on anger, let's see what happens when Bush gets wound up? It's not a pretty sight by any means. The pros know Dean may get angry, but it's a controlled anger, not like the drunken rages of Bush caused by a lifetime of failure.

Dean seems to have cornered the market on anti-war supporters -- the same ones who boo George W. Bush's and Ronald Reagan's names on liberal college campuses, yet cheer dictators like Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. If you wish Saddam Hussein was still in power, then Dean is your man.

Really? I thought that was Kucinich. But the trick here is to remember, we were not asked to overthrow Saddam because he was a bads guy, but because he was a direct, immediate threat to his neighbors.

Articles like this, with oppo supplied facts, surely you don't think this wound up in Moonie-owned UPI for no reason, or with original research, need to be answered for point by point.

Which we'll do next.:)

But if the GOP wants to run on this, against the sober, WASP Howard Dean, let them. I hope they keep Bush away from the TV on election night if they do.

posted by Steve @ 9:59:00 PM

9:59:00 PM

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