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Friday, January 02, 2004

A few words about Peter Fitzgerald

A few words about Peter Patrick Fitzgerald.

I know I've been remiss in writing about this, but I wanted to make a few points, and oddly enough, the Discovery Channel's Justice Files, by sheer coinicidence, went into the story of former Illinois governor George Ryan.

Let's not mince words: George Ryan is a complete and thorough scumbag. His little scheme to sell trucker drivers licenses led to the incinaration of an entire family in a minivan. Only by working the system was he ever elected governor. His subsequent commutation of Illinois's death sentences may have been noble, but it was also to redeem his greedy, blood-drenched hands

Simply put, well-connected individuals and schools would have non-English speaking truck drivers, a violation of federal law, get licenses, either by fraud or "help" on the test. Anytime anyone asked what the deal was, they were told to shut up and go away. Ryan's chief aide admitted in court that he squashed at least two investigations to protect Ryan's career.

Fitzgerald, who was appointed to clean up Chicago politics, in the way the TLC show Clean Sweep goes through a room in your house, was opposed by House Speaker Denny Hastert, rather vigorously. You can bet it was to protect his upstate collegues.

The question I have is this: why would John Ashcroft hire a guy who isn't a political shark, in fact, is a down the line prosecutor in the mold of Bill Weld?

I don't think it's because a conscience has established itself in his creepy little brain. Or that he suddenly has this reverence for the Constitution?

I think John Ashcroft has looked around and decided the one survivor from this mess will be John Ashcroft. The CIA might have pictures of him dancing naked, but short of rank paranoia, I think Ashcroft has decided to let the chips fall where they may as long as those chips have nothing to do with John Ashcroft. Maybe Rummy and crew treat him like a red-headed stepchild, maybe the Agency has leverage over him, maybe he realizes that Karl Rove is screwing up. But for whatever reason, he's not playing his assigned role anymore and that's worthy of note.

Maybe Fitzgerald turns up a dry hole. Maybe not. But I think if I was Bob Novak, I would not be happy. Because I think a bunch of reporters are going to find themselves invited in for a chat with Mr. Fitzgerald and his staff.

One thing people should realize, this is a far more serious move, internally, than hiring a special prosecutor. In most cases, special prosecutors are Washington insiders and they're all buddies. This guy is from New York and Chicago and he's not above twisting arms to make a point. Sally Quinn has nothing to offer his career and that, is something people should notice.

posted by Steve @ 12:08:00 AM

12:08:00 AM

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