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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, December 23, 2003



Ok, I'm going to be posting intermittenly over the next few days, since there are games to play, books to read and movies to watch with children.

But before I take leave and relax a little, I want to post on the stories which I think mattered during 2003, but not in any order

1) Send my kid some water

Because of the inefficiencies of Halliburton, parents had to ship their kids cases of bottle water to Iraq.

2) Neil Bush and the mystery whores

Neil Bush, now a paid influence peddlee for the Chinese government, had women show up to his door ahd sleep with him.

3) Whitey made me lie

Jayson Blair proved that letting facts in the way of a good story wasn't a problem if you kissed enough ass.

4) Johnny who?

When Johnny Cash and John Ritter died on the same day, guess who got the notice? The guitarist or the comic actor?

5) Bad Santa

Proving how stupid the media is, they actually debated the merits of a movie where Billy Bob Thornton pisses himself and curses at kids. Santa isn't real, you know.

6) Capturing Saddam

Too bad he isn't running anything and that he cursed the US troops captured him.

7) Oh yeah, mutual funds are a crock

A massive scandal in the mutual funds business management has been obscured by the war

8) Jobs? What jobs.

The economy may be recovering slightly but those jobs are gone.

9) You tell me what's missing.

posted by Steve @ 2:14:00 AM

2:14:00 AM

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