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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, October 30, 2003

Thank You

Recently, I asked if someone had a laptop they were no longer using. This was early on a Saturday.

I am now the owner of a G3 Kanga, thanks to the generousity of one of the readers here. Since he made the offer privately, I won't use his name, but he knows that I am grateful.

Other people have made generous offers as well and I appreciate those as well.

My laptop needs are modest and this machine is more than adequate. As long as I can type and go online, I'm cool. This does that and more.

Once upon a time, people said that no one would pay for content on the internet. That is not true. People can and will pay when the people doing the work take it seriously and do it dilligently. Not just my needs for a laptop, which is a nice convience, but in more serious matters, paying for Josh Marshall's trip to New Hampshire, Atrios's new laptop and offers of serious legal help. I'm sure that there are many more kindnesses that have happened without much notice.

While a bitter hack like Camille Paglia can whine about the quality of blogs, you can see their growing influence daily. They're forcing the media to cover stories they would have ignored. The Guardian is publishing in America because their stories are circulated daily on blogs, building their audience.

It is a two way street. We do our work because it needs to be done. But without your generous support of this site and many others, it would be no more than pissing in the wind.

Once again, thank you for your support.

posted by Steve @ 11:31:00 PM

11:31:00 PM

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