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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The stupidest thing I've read all month

I freely admit that Stanley Crouch is far from my favorite writer. But when I read this, I was stunned by it's utter stupidity and racism. No, floored, to be honest. It was just the stupidest fucking thing I've read in some time.

In our present war, we are up to our necks in this problem, primarily because any criticism of Muslims can be interpreted as bigotry toward all its believers. The upshot is that we seem to continue pussyfooting around our troubles and not making it clear to the public what is going on and how we have to handle it.

I have been writing for a while in this space that I believe we should have a moratorium on immigration from anywhere in the Islamic world because the nature of destructive technology is such that even very small numbers of immigrants - 19, for instance - can kill large numbers of people if that is their mission. War always shuts down borders, and we are, ladies and gentlemen, in a war.

This has always been responded to as a bigoted idea when, according to critics, we can easily see that Islam is a religion of peace and the great majority of Muslims are not terrorists. I'm not concerned about the great majority of Muslims outside America, but I am sure that within that great majority are thousands of believers who would gleefully bring off any version of Sept. 11 if they could.

So it seems to me that we have no choice. Circumstances are such that we should not be manipulated by arguments that do not obtain in our present situation. We have to move with resolve, with good sense and a sensitivity to the dangerous potential for hysteria that can result from focusing on any group.

We also need to understand that the American Muslim community has been of virtually no help at all in our war against urban terrorism. Perhaps they fear, as other minority groups have so often, that if they turn in, even anonymously, some suspicious person or group, hell will come down on all who share belief in the same religion. I think the response would be the reverse.

A staggeringly stupid and blind comment. Completely idiotic.

Why? OK, there are 1.2 billion Muslims. The largest number of Muslims reside in .....India. Would he propose closing down Silicon Valley and half of America's hospitals? So how many Filipinos would he like to exclude. Ten percent of France is Muslim, will they be excluded. What about South Africans? Ban them too? Nigerians? Albanians? Please let me know which Muslims you mean, because there are many to choose from.

Remember Timothy McVeigh? He was a Christian fundamentalist and he killed people. Are we going to ban Christians from America?

Crouch has an amazingly racist series of conclusions based on complete ignorance of Islam. First of all, it's a religion which has adherents on all seven continents. One can be Australian, British, South African, French or German and be a Muslim. One can have blonde hair and blue eyes and be a Muslim, a point the TV show 24 made abundantly clear last season. In fact, his proposal would force us to exclude Turks, Albanians, Indians and people who have no tie to any form of fundamentalist religion. We would have to segregate Indians, Nigerians and Filipinos on the basis of religion and exclude Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

The reality is that the terrorists who attacked on 9/11 were visitors, not residents and they came from our allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt. As have hundred of thousands of law abiding citizens.

Are there target groups we have to watch? Sure. Young, single men need to be scrutinized closely because they are the prime targets and actors of terrorism. But they don't come from across the muslim world, but a few countries, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. And a decent examination would weed out most killers.

Tom Friedman may be wrong about a lot of stuff, but he is dead solid on one thing, most Muslims do not mean the US harm. To treat them as if we are waging war on Islam and not a few lunatics, means we will only make more enemies. The problem is not Islam, but terrorists who hide behind Islam. It's a shame Crouch hides behind a moronic racism which is easily refuted.

posted by Steve @ 1:54:00 AM

1:54:00 AM

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