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Sunday, September 28, 2003

U.S. Compound in Baghdad Is Hit in Attack

Published: September 28, 2003

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Sept. 27 — Three projectiles penetrated the concrete and barbed-wire cocoon of security around the main compound for Americans in downtown Baghdad today, hitting the 14th floor of the Rashid Hotel inside the compound but causing little damage and no injuries.

"It woke us up with a bang, but there was really no further impact than that," said Charles Heatley, a spokesman for the American-led governing authority.

But after several weeks of high-profile attacks and beefed-up security around Baghdad, the strike seemed a message that Americans would be a target no matter how much they sought to protect themselves. This was not news to at least one United States soldier in the compound, which is sealed off from the rest of Baghdad with a huge concrete wall and heaps of concrete and barbed wire.

"I've never felt safe here," the soldier said

How could he feel safe? There is no reason to feel safe. The Iraqis are now moving from mortars to rockets. Which is a very bad thing. They fired seven from one location as a test run, what happens when they fire 50 from multiple locations.? Huh?

The Iraqis know where the Al-Rashid is, and with all those uneployed artillery officers around, some of whom had been fanatasizing about doing the same to Saddam, they've had plenty of time to train and plan. Support for the resistance is growing, time is running out and they're growing more proficient each day.

posted by Steve @ 2:16:00 AM

2:16:00 AM

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