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Friday, September 26, 2003

The Other Recall: Segway Scooters Hit the Tipping Point

Published: September 26, 2003

A problem has emerged with the Segway Human Transporter, the $5,000 high-technology scooter that has computerized gyroscopes to keep it from falling over.

It falls over.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Segway L.L.C. today announced a recall of all 6,000 Segways, which tend to tip when the batteries are low and the rider does something that requires a quick burst of power, such as speeding up abruptly or trying to bump over an obstacle.

A user who has an accident like the one described by the commission has to ignore a number of signals from the Segway to get to the hazardous tipping point. The machines have a prominent battery level indicator built into the handlebars, and as power drains, a light comes on, an alarm sounds and the handlebars shake. A Segway can be charged at any power outlet with a cord that is identical to those used in most personal computers.


The Segway made its debut last November with great fanfare and enthusiastic news coverage. Last month, Dan Rather, the CBS news anchor, said the vehicle "just might be the most revolutionary leap since the automobile." But the scooter has also been derided as a yuppie toy, and there was nearly gleeful coverage of a spill taken by President Bush on one last summer.


I hate those damn things. Yuppie playtoy. Fucking clowns.

Dean Kamen should live in the real world. No one needs a scooter for lazy fatbodies. What good is the Segway?

After all the hype and bullshit, now the thing needs a recall? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

posted by Steve @ 8:53:00 PM

8:53:00 PM

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