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Monday, September 29, 2003

Be Careful Who You Associate With...

Tuesday , September 23, 2003
By Bill O'Reilly

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thank you for watching us tonight.

Be careful who you associate with. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo. In my new book Who's Looking Out for You, which I'll tell you about tomorrow, I describe how knowing what kind of people you are hanging around with is a key to life.

If you choose destructive people, you'll get hurt. If you choose generous people, you will benefit. It's pretty simple. What isn't simple is figuring out the good from the bad. But in some cases, it's obvious. This weekend, [Democratic] Presidential Candidate Howard Dean (search) held a fund-raiser here in New York City. The entertainment was provided by a man who is, well, let's let his words speak for themselves.


AL FRANKEN, COMEDIAN: ...of how big an [bleep] Brit Hume is. And how shameless, how [bleep] shameless these people are. These people are so [bleep] shameless. They are shameless.

And I don't just say this because the FOX [News] people sued me.


O'REILLY: Now I don't know Howard Dean, but I do know more about him after witnessing that disgraceful display and the attack on [FOX News anchor] Brit Hume. Can you imagine any other presidential contender, any other one, feeling comfortable with that kind of presentation? I mean, aren't our leaders supposed to have some dignity?

Dr. Dean should be ashamed of himself, simply for allowing an emotionally disturbed person to vent that kind of hatred under Dean's banner. And by the way, DNC [Democratic National Committee] chief Terry McAuliffe is also guilty as well.

Defamation and smear tactics are not part of mainstream America. They are the work of extremists, people who hate people with whom they disagree. Fair-minded Americans respect honest differences in the political arena. Most of the Democratic candidates are honorable. But increasingly, the Democratic party is being hijacked by far left elements, who routinely embrace vile, undemocratic tactics.

Maybe Howard Dean simply made a mistake. Maybe he isn't a person who approves of what we just showed you. But maybe again he is.

And that's The Memo

Gearing up for a libel/slander suit, whiny little bitch? Unless you can prove Franken is mentally ill, you might wind up in a court behind that statement. Libel, an untruth told to cause harm? You do have motive, Bill. It could get ugly. Better to ignore him.

Brit Hume has integrity?

why exactly did Sandy Hume kill himself? Was it a rumored homosexual affair with a former Congressman? Never has given a straight answer to that. If Al Franken wanted to be mean, THAT is what he would have mentioned.

O'Reilly is the biggest kind of whiny bitch. Franken embarassed him by telling the truth and now he whines like a cheerleader losing her boyfriend to the head of the science club. For him to whine about this, in the same week the Washington bureau printed Tucker Carlson's home number, terrorizing his young family, who is he kidding? Fox swims in the gutter with the rats.

Honest differences? Tell that to Joe Wilson and his wife. I bet her contacts in the 'Stans feel the same way as the secret police round them up for a chat. Ask Hans Blix, the Shinseki family, or Scott Ritter, or Larry Lindsay, who suffered from being honest and fat. let Bush Adminsitration took an honest difference with Max Clelland and made him look like a draft dodging pinko. They denigrated his service and sacrifice for a laugh. The Dear Leader and his friends at Fox slander, insult and malign. Let us not forget the Wellstones in this either.

Of course, there is the classic whiny little bitch rant when he threatened to punch an anti-war protester who's father was killed on 9/11.

O'Reilly is a coward and a liar and works for pond scum. But you already knew that. My fondest wish is that he finally has that long overdue conversation with Ludacris and friends over that Pepsi deal his ranting cost him. See how big his mouth is with people who have no fear of throwing a punch or two. You think he whines like a little bitch now?

posted by Steve @ 2:22:00 AM

2:22:00 AM

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