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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Jesus for governor

Chief Justice Moore seemed undeterred. This afternoon he stepped in front of a crowd chanting, "Go, judge, go!" He shouted in response, "To do my duty, I must obey God!"

Chief Justice Moore added that he was appealing -again- to the United States Supreme Court, which rejected him on Wednesday.

"I've been ordered to do something I cannot do," he said. "I cannot violate my conscience."

Many of Chief Justice Moore's supporters said they were outraged by the other justices' action.

"Does Judas mean anything to you?" Rusty Thomas, a minister from Waco, Tex., said. "Those judges betrayed a righteous man. They'll pay the price."

Roy Moore is using this to run for governor or Senator.

Not only is he a religous wacko, he's pretty much running a scam on the gullible. If he practiced Santeria and sacrificed a goat in that lobby, he'd be in an insane asylum. Not surrounded by people worshiping a graven image. Moore is deeply un-american. His stand, as cynical as it is, violates the basic concept of religious freedom and if he can't sacrifice goats, he can't stick a christian symbol in a government building.

I have a couple of bibles in my home. I've seen Chuck Heston smite the Israelites more than once. My grandmother loved that film and I like it as well, cheezy as it is.

But his whole use of this graven image of the 10 Commandments offends the hell out of me. I may not go to church, but I don't think my faith is any less strong or complete than Moore's. My religious tradition, Methodist, finds such a display, vulgar. If you want to serve God, this is not the way to do it. Jesus would be ashamed to see his disciples worshiping a block of stone.

Religious tolerance is no joke. It's important for Christians, no matter what denomination, as well as every one else. I don't want Baptists to define my faith for me any more than a Jew wants me to define their's for them. Roy Moore is wiping his ass with the constitution for his political benefit. A person of truth religious faith wouldn't demean it so easily. God didn't tell him to place that thing there, his campaign manager did. So the christians of Alabama, something like 90 percent of the state, if not more, can feel persecuted. Why? I don't know. It's not like anyone is burning down churches and stealing bibles. It's just a few people who want to remind everyone which religion comes first.

God is closer in a whorehouse than among Roy Moore and his "flock"

posted by Steve @ 6:26:00 PM

6:26:00 PM

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